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Friday, March 5, 2010

Curious doings: Kendrick Meek postpones fundraiser at Mayor Cooper's house; Alexander Lewy's postage gift from Hallandale Beach taxpayers

Above, two pieces of mail I received recently within
days of each other that had one common
Alexander Lewy
, candidate for Hallandale
City Commission.

One, the yellow postcard from Hallandale Beach
Crime Watch, the redoubt for what are arguably
some of the most bizarre people in the city -and
biggest defenders of the corrupt mindset
City Hall- had its postage paid for by Hallandale
March 5, 2010 photo by South Beach Hoosier.

I guess it goes without saying that I've NEVER
given Hallandale Beach mayor Joy Cooper
my email address or asked that she send her odd,
rambling, and largely incomprehensible comments
to me and others throughout the area.

But write them she has, completely out-of-the-blue.
(Or, as my smart screenwriting friends out
in Santa Monica
are wont to say,
"apropos of nothing.")

To me, the reason for Cooper's crazy emails
is a simple one to diagnose: she's an obnoxious
bully and can't tolerate the fact that I and others
in the
community -like many of you- continue
to tell
the verifiable truth about what's really
going on in this city
under her reign of ruin,
and she doesn't like it one

So she sees conspiracies when there are none,
just Americans simply exercising their basic rights.
And does that ever make her angry!
It's what's caused her to lose her cool so much
at City Commission meetings, even more so
than in the past.

Just last month, for instance, at an evening
Commission meeting, while I was just minding
my own business in the back of the Commission
Chambers, video-recording the meeting and
trying to keep awake at what seemed like an
especially boring agenda, she decided,
out-of-the-blue, that she needed to vent.

While in the middle of hectoring Comm. Keith
about something, likely for having an
opinion different than her's, she made a typical
snarky reference to "the videographer" in the
back of the the room.

Yes, she really said that and she really
is that petty
and insecure.

I will try to post that video here soon so you
can see it for yourself.

I didn't crack a smile at the time but truth be told,
I could hardly contain my amusement at Cooper's
latest crack-up, and was almost tempted to pop
her ballon blurt-out the truth, which was that with
such a boring agenda on tap that night, the only
reason that I was there in-person was that there
was nothing particularly good on TV that night
until 9 p.m.
That's it.

I should mention that this was the same meeting
where before allowing Comm. London to speak
on something, she asked him how long he was
going to speak, saying she wanted to know
because she was going to leave the room.
And exit she did.

Slithering away like an angry snake

That's the Joy Cooper School of Incivility
that's so tangibly creepy that over the years,
thru repeated childish public displays, she has
personally repulsed HB residents from even
thinking about attending City Commission
meetings, that they don't, which,
counter-intuitively, she actually likes.

Joy Cooper
is so dis-connected to the reality
of this city and smugly anti-democratic by nature
that she actually believes -and has been heard
saying- that few people regularly showing-up
at these HB City Commission meetings is actually
a positive thing.


Even I was floored by this the first time someone
told me, but I've heard it from so many people
over the years by people with no tangible connection
to one another, or even an axe to grind with her,
that I've accepted it as Conventional Wisdom,
at least to the extent that something like this is
possible here in HB.

Cooper genuinely believes the lack of attendance
is a sign that HB residents are happy and the city
is well-run, which couldn't be further from the truth,
of course, as anyone could tell from a conversation
or two with any concerned residents who pay
attention, or from even a cursory drive around
town, where there is ample evidence that the
longstanding problems that have plagued
City Hall for years are actually getting worse.

Mike Good & Company are actually doing
a worse job than before because this unelected
person and his staff have gotten more brazen
about their spending decisions and general
managerial incompetence, which is scary to

But then Joy Cooper has to believe these grand
delusions of hers, doesn't she?

It's a coping mechanism, since she can't allow herself
to acknowledge the reality that her misanthropic,
thin-skinned personality wrecks civility here
-and where everyone but and her pals is wrong-
and is the real reason that residents of this ocean-side
city stay away from City Hall in droves.

The truth is that Joy Cooper herself is the reason!

In fact, since many of you may not be aware of this,
though I've known it for quite some time, let me give
you some insight into the upside-down world of mayor
Joy Cooper.

She believes -and has been known to tell
- that the fact that so many Hollywood
residents show-up at Hollywood City Hall to
participate and share their opinions at Hollywood
City Commission meetings is actually a sign that
the City of Hollywood is poorly-run and managed
by Mayor Peter Bober and City Manager
Cameron Benson

Incredible but true.

To that I would just say two things:
First, the reality is just the reverse of what Joy Cooper
believes, as any waking person can observe for
themselves, and, two, consider the source.

Even more than people like me simply telling the truth,
though, Cooper can't accept the simple fact that more
people than ever now see thru her preposterous lies,
falsehoods and fabrications, and her smugness and
condescension are now accurately seen by most residents
for what they truly are, instead of foolishly being labeled
Time is definitely NOT on her side.

Personally, I've long suspected that Joy Cooper
and her acolytes and cronies in the community
have mined the city's email alert database for
names and email addresses, and have converted
and used that information for their own purposes,
despite the fact that it's illegal in Florida,
like it is all over the country, to use that info for
any purpose other than for which is was specifically
'Conversion of govt. property' for personal
i.e. the database.

When residents of a city or county sign-up for
an email alert from that entity, say, about Parks
& Recreation, they are NOT giving public officials
permission to use that information for the purpose
of receiving personal emails from them, which
the mayor's have to be, right, since she claims
so zealously that her particular email address is
NOT for city/govt. purposes.

She has to maintain that obvious fiction in order
to maintain the rationale of the city's lawsuit she
initiated against my friend, Michael Butler,
who has also received the same odd rambling
post-midnight emails from her over the years.

(Michael's fact-based website, Change
Beach is at: http://changehallandale.com/
See Sun-Sentinel columnist Michael Mayo's
spot-on column about him from October 26th,
2009 here, aptly named,
Score another win for weirdness in Hallandale
http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/broward/hallandale/sfl-activist-sued-mayocol-b102609,0,4978569.column )

Yet despite my NEVER having given that email
address to Cooper -and everyone here
that I never would, for reasons
I hardly need
get into here- I have recently
been receiving emails from Cooper soliciting
campaign funds for Kendrick Meek's U.S. Senate

And what do you know, back in 2008, I received
numerous emails at the same email address from
a Boca Raton woman I've never met or spoken to,
who turned out to be Cooper's campaign consultant.
She was actually soliciting funds for Cooper's
2008 campaign!

Sent to me at the same email address, again,
despite the fact that everyone knows I'd NEVER
vote for Cooper, much less, give her a campaign

So, where would she get that email address
and that of so many others in this city who
share my antipathy towards her, who also
have received them?

Curiously enough, over the past ten days, despite
the fact that I have NEVER ever contacted them
before, NOR have I ever received mail from them
before, two separate groups have suddenly chosen
to send mail to yours truly at the same time:
the Hallandale Beach Crime Watch and the
Hallandale Beach Democratic Club, as you
can see from the photo at the top of this posting.

And what a coincidence, both have a connection
to Joy Cooper acolyte/apologist and Kendrick
aide and community hand-holder, Alexander
, who just happens to be running for HB City

One, from Crime Watch, even has a salutary
message from him, despite the fact that in the
opinion of many, including myself, this group has
very little to actually brag about, especially when
you know what their track record actually is,
and where their personal sentiments lie.

It's a track record and public persona that their
members don't like to hear about from outsiders
who can readily see the facts for themselves.

Yes, the same thoroughly loathsome and self-serving,
back-stabbing Alex Lewy I wrote about in some
detail last Fall in emails to many of you, where I
connected-the-dots on his documented past creepy
behavior and loathsome words.

Frankly, to simply call him a jerk and be done with it
is to lose sight of what he is really all about.

And guess who just happens to be sending out mail
from Crime Watch that HB taxpayers are forced
to pay for -just months from November's
City Commission election
- since, conveniently,
they are the only community/advisory group that
HB City Hall pays postage for?

Yes, the answer is Alexander Lewy.

That's how voter outreach and name recognition
works here in Hallandale Beach when you're a friend
of our scheming and misanthropic mayor, Joy Cooper.

Strange things just happen out-of-the-blue and
we're all supposed to believe that it's just our
old friend, randomness.

I get nothing for six-plus years, and then, suddenly,
two things arrive in my mailbox within days of
each other, each with a direct connection to
Alexander Lewy, with his
name on one of them

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to know
a fact pattern when you see it right in front of your

And when you do a Google Search for Hallandale
Beach Democratic Club, whose name do you see
on the very first result?

Accordingly, within the next ten days or so,
I'll be re-visiting that email I wrote last Fall
about candidate Lewy's thorough lack of
character and integrity
here on my blog,
with updated information, and it won't be pretty.
Especially for those of you who don't know
the story thus far.

Like his pal the mayor, Alexander Lewy's
biggest fears are the truth, and concerned
citizens/voters like you actually knowing
what he says, does and thinks.
The truth is not his friend.
It's ours.

Forwarded message
From: Mayor Joy Cooper & Dr. Nelson Santiago <invite@eventbrite.com>
Date: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 4:47 PM


Due to scheduling conflicts we have postponed the event in Hallandale Beach.

If you were planning on attending please call (305) 655-3213 for alternate arrangements.

You are invited to the following event:

Home of Mayor Joy & Dr. Harry Cooper
301 Holiday Drive
Hallandale Beach FL

Can you attend this event? Respond Here

For more information click here

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