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Monday, June 22, 2015

Curious news regarding Florida East Coast Realty's property next to The Mardi Gras Casino proves -yet again- the prescience of Hallandale Beach & Broward County civic activist Csaba "Chuck" Kulin

Some curious development news regarding Florida East Coast Realty proves -yet again- the common sense and prescience of Hallandale Beach and Broward County civic activist Csaba Kulin

As my friend and fellow Hallandale Beach & Broward civic activist Csaba "Chuck" Kulin astutely said at the time when Florida East Coast Realty (FECR) demanded a sweetheart deal from City Manager Renee C. Miller on the huge fines they owed at a HB CRA meeting in March 2013, despite their NOT having done everything they were required to do first, as other HB businesses would have to do, FECR completely played Hallandale Beach City Hall officials and our City Commission for rubes.

They did so by selling Miller, Mayor Joy Cooper and the City Commission -but NOT the bewildered and concerned residents in the Commission Chambers- on the patently ridiculous idea that they would actually do something positive for both themselves and the community with this property located south of the eastern entrance to the Mardi Gras Casino -formerly the Hollywood Dog Trackwhere a series of produce markets have been located over the past few years, and just opposite Atlantic Shores Blvd.

This Google Maps Street View photo below is from July 2014 and looks southward at the eastern U.S.-1 entrance to The Mardi Gras Casino, where FECR's property is opposite their sign, on the south side. 

My first post about this bad deal for Hallandale Beach taxpayers and lovers of common sense:

February 8, 2013

Friday begins a very bumpy couple of weeks for real estate developer Jerome Hollo and his plan to NOT pay Hallandale Beach taxpayers the $450,000 that Florida East Coast Realty owes them. And a storm is coming...

Do you recall the vague nonsense they spouted about a "New Orleans-styled" hotel they said they'd build there, which, quite curiously, had the same exact specs as a hotel once previously proposed in the city? 
Csaba saw right through it and said as much to me sitting next to me in the Commission Chambers when it happened.
Then he said that and more when he spoke during public comments against giving them a sweetheart deal.

I can't recall whether I spoke against it before or after Csaba, but I asked the city to produce proof that FECR had met city's requirements. The first thing you'd expect they'd have produced, right. 
To nobody's surprise, HB City Hall bureaucrats could NOT produce any tangible proof -got angry that I even asked!- even while I had photos on me (which I didn't use) that showed FECR hadn't fulfilled the requirements more than three months after-the-fact.

So much for any lingering expectations of anyone in the room or watching on TV who thought that HB City Hall still clung to any notions of at least trying to appear to be fair and even-handed in its treatment of businesses in HB.

I should mention that this news about the FECR "plan" completely shocked Dan Atkins and the execs at Mardi Gras, who were VERY UPSET about being blindsided and first finding-out about "the plan" after-the-fact, instead of via one of their many pals at HB City Hall who like to whisper sweet nothings into their ears.

And now, as if we needed a big exclamation point to the whole sorry episode, we now see the proof, via the always-reliable Brian Bandell and his article on this subject Friday at the South Florida Business Journal that Csaba was right all along.

As if some of us didn't know that more than two years ago!


South Florida Business Journal
Realty profits on sale of Hallandale site to retail developer 
June 19, 2015, 7:33am EDT  
By Brian Bandell 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Thoughts on the continuing Burnadette Norris-Weeks ethics problem in Broward County: Thru her actions, attitude and behavior, Broward SOE attorney Norris-Weeks has come to personify the worst unethical excesses of Broward County's pay-to-play culture and the insider's sense of entitlement that pro-reform pols and citizens have fought hard to eliminate.

Thoughts on the continuing Burnadette Norris-Weeks ethics problem in Broward County: Thru her actions, attitude and behavior, Broward SOE attorney Norris-Weeks has come to personify the worst unethical excesses of Broward County's pay-to-play culture and the insider's sense of entitlement that pro-reform pols and citizens have fought hard to eliminate.

Since last Spring when I took advantage of the Ultra Music Festival being downtown to also take some photos for the last time of what was then left of the partially-destroyed Miami Herald building from directly in front of One Herald Plaza -a building overlooking Biscayne Bay that I had been in dozens and dozens of times from the 1970's thru the mid-'90's when visiting The Miami News, but which by this time was also missing some of the letters from its iconic sign- I've been meaning to write something about what I have long sensed is the real lack of backbone and community engagement and push back among many of Broward County's current and in some case well-known civic groups and their leadership that, in the abstract, ought to be doing MUCH MORE publicly to lead the fight to make Broward's future better for everyone.
Not least, among those in civil society who actually follow the letter and spirit of the law, especially ethics laws meant to provide transparency to the public and inspire trust in institutions by them.

Push back by actually taking people to task by putting their feet to the fire and publicly embarrassing them or shaming them when their unchecked egos, ambition and sense of entitlement to go off the charts the way that Burnadette Norris-Weeks has clearly done the past few years, given that in the current environment, with our present collection of sleepwalking news reporters, she has absolutely no fear that the South Florida news media would ever hold a mirror or TV camera up to her, and show it to the public to inform them and educate them about her behind-the-scenes dealings.

As would happen in most though not all parts of the U.S. -or at least used to.

So, to better understand this vexing issue involving one Broward insider's ego and over-the-top sense of entitlement, I've posted this collection of information in reverse chron order, most recent at top.

I remind many of you, especially you newcomers to the blog, that for many months, I was often the only Broward citizen present at those early morning meetings of the Broward County Ethics Commission meetings at Broward County Govt HQ, which I dutifuly videotaped and took notes on to be entirely accurate, in-between sips of McDonald's coffee.

Week-after-week, month-after-month, I saw who was and who was NOT trying their best to fullfill the hopes of Broward's long-frustrated citizens on the issue of finally getting the much-needed, stronger ethical rules for Broward elected officials and employees and the people they interact with. I saw who was and who was NOT making the honest effort to change the unacceptable status quo that then-existed and markedly improving it in both letter and spirit.

So with that in mind, I can tell you that Burnadette Norris-Weeks was NOT a Profile in Courage 
then and she was NOT years later when serving on the appointed Broward County Charter Commission, where she had the rare opportunity to serve the long-term best interests of Broward citizens, businesses AND incorporate notions of Good Government Best Practices.

But instead of doing that, Norris-Weeks voted AGAINST Broward citizens like you and me from even being able to vote at the polls that November, and to decide the outcome of the issue of a countywide-elected mayor for Broward County, as the public would be able to do in 99% of America.

But NOT here in Broward County, and Burnadette Norris-Weeks was one of the small handful of people who voted AGAINST you and I even being able to vote for or against it, much less, voting and deciding it one way or the other.

A helpful reminder from me in 2009 of Burnadette Norris-Weeks' anti-democratic sensibility: 

And now we read that last week Norris-Weeks was appointed by ethically-challenged Broward County Comm. Dale Holness to the new incarnation of the Broward Charter Review group. 

What possibly justifies this woman's continual bad judment and curious sense of ethics and propriety from being represented over-and-over on important Broward panels in ways that are genuinely harmful to both Broward citizens and the larger business community?
Why should the public expect anything different from her this time but more of her anti-citizen actions that prevent genuine accountability and oversight, to say nothing of actual improvement in governance?

If you wonder why Broward County is still mired in the state of continual funk it's been in for years, and why no matter where in the county you go, the public (and the news media) consistently is bewildered at what they hear about what's REALLY going on, wonder why the public has so very little trust and respect for Broward's myriad govt. agencies and functions, it's because of the accurate perception that establishment insiders like Norris-Weeks have consistently used her position to give herself unfair, anti-competitive advantages over others.

And the public perception that Norris-Weeks, when on Broward govt. panels, uses that role to further special interests, NOT for the benefit of the majority of Broward taxpayers and Small Business owners, who are very much against crony capitalism and pay-to-play govt., is right in the records for everyone to see.
Once Broward gets around to making it public a year later...

So tell me, why haven't you or I seen a single story yet on Norris-Weeks' multiple episodes of curious behavior and bad judgment on Channel 4, 6, 7 or 10's newscasts? 

Or in the Miami Herald?

Good question.

But first things first...

Clearly, one of the few times that one of the most ardent opponents of ethical reform in Hallandale Beach, Andrew Markoff, was said to be correct.

Broward Elections Lawyer Owes Nearly $11,000 In Broward County Taxes 
Posted on January 29, 2015 by Red Broward

Commissioner: Ban elections office attorney from politics  

Broward Beat
Some Commissioners Fed Up With Elections Chief
By Buddy Nevins

It was Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes’ turn in the barrel this week.

Snipes got grilled – her word for the 30-minute cross-examination was “bullied” – by Broward County Commissioner Mark Bogen on Tuesday.

Like a prosecutor questioning a murderer, Bogen started out something like this: “Would you agree the most important thing for any supervisor is to run efficient and impartial elections?”

It went downhill from there for Snipes.

Read the rest of the post at 

Broward Beat

By Michael J. Ryan

The following is an open e-mail Mayor Mike Ryan of Sunrise calling for a policy governing political activity by any Elections Office lawyer.
The background:  Commissioner Mark Bogen last week called for a clear policy governing Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes’ attorney. He did this after discovering that the office lawyer Burnadette Norris-Weeks had actively taken part in campaigns.

Read the rest of the column at:


Broward Beat
By Buddy Nevins

Burnadette Norris-Weeks — the beleagued Elections Office attorney who is embroiled in a fight over her politicking — obviously hasn’t heard the age-old expression: If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Norris-Weeks has lashed out at Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan for daring to criticize her actions — campaigning for candidates at the same time she is supposed to be an impartial Broward Elections Office official.

Read the rest of the column at:

Other than the fully-engaged reaction from Sunrise's mayor, I'm unaware of anything by the people who ought to be The Usual Suspects.
Just silence from The Broward League of Women Voters, The Broward Workshop, The Broward Alliance CEO Council, or even the Good Government Initiative at the University of Miami, under former Miami-Dade County Comm. Katy Sorenson, who was long known as the most pro-reform supporter of strong and effective ethics on that ethically-challenged and corrupt group that seems to be on perpetual probation for crimes against taxpayers and common sense.

How much of this is because of business and political connections, large and small, and how much of this is because of race, and the fear of being taken apart publicly for simply saying the facts aloud while the local news media largely averts its eyes for whatever reason?
That latter point is something that Buddy Nevins references above in his June 5th account of Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes appalling performance the past few years and the public criticism of her that has only grown MUCH LOUDER.

Up to a point.

And that point in my opinion is the same one that explains the silence now on Norris-Weeks.
Commissioners won’t say much of this publicly because of politics:Its politically incorrect to attack one of the few black office holders in Broward.Perhaps more important, Democrats – eight of the nine commissioners  — fear they would be alienating their base in the African American and Caribbean American community if they publicly condemn Snipes.
Another aspect of this whole matter that I have written about a lot in recent emails but not yet here on the blog concerns the selection by crony capitalism-loving Broward Comm. Dale Holness of Burnadette Norris-Weeks to the Broward Charter Review panel for the second time in a row: why does #SoFL have so many more unethical and incompetent political and government officials than other areas of the U.S. its size? Especially among African-Americans?

Is it the lack of a large enough pool of educated, Middle Management types who DON'T depend on the public payroll for their personal & professional advancement?

You don't have to be a political junkie or news junkie to realize that #SoFL and #Broward are lacking in the very type of people who in most parts of the country actually make up a good portion of the middle management of well-run companies that actually manufacture tangible consumer and industrial goods, instead of selling the hope of sand, surf and sun to visitors.

Also, how is it that in the year 2015, the Broward Workshop,with all the access to resources and media professionals they have, do NOT have a Twitter feed? 

Their charming and always-helpful Exec. Director, Kareen Boutros, is someone whom I like, after first meeting her at the previous edition of the Broward Charter Review meetings in 2008, but it's time for them to get into the 21st Century.

I'm grew up and was educated in South Florida in the 1970's, but still I continue to be #dumbfounded and #frustrated by what is tolerated and passes for "Normal" around here that would simply NOT be acceptable behavior and conduct in the rest of the U.S. then or now.

Monday, June 8, 2015

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That's especially been the case on the many occasions when Hallandale Beach Blog has broken news on a public issue before anyone else, or, added important facts to the mix that completely changed the
prevailing media narrative.

For instance, the time we broke the news that Hallandale Beach's elected officials and top city administrators had hatched a secret scheme to use taxpayer funds to pay for someone to regularly appear and lobby on behalf of  the city's position at city, Broward County and community events. Their intent was clear: to sway public opinion and affect future public votes. WITHOUT ever publicly disclosing this fact to the city's residents and business community.
Well, we eventually broke the news on who this person was, how much they were paid, and publicly asked how it was either ethical or legal for the City of Hallandale Beach to hire someone whose main job was to attempt to INTENTIONALLY deceive and mislead taxpayers. 
And to do so WITHOUT registering as a paid lobbyist, as required by both city and County laws.

In 2012, in one of the more improbable stories of the past few years, the South Florida news media acknowledged that it was only thru the hard work and research of the Hallandale Beach Blog that they could report what we exposed -the amazing news that a Hallandale Beach mayoral candidate who was being heavily promoted for office via a series of glowing newspaper columns, was actually being written about by... that candidate's own wife!
Yet another in a long line of egregious examples of someone with either influence or power trying to take advantage of Hallandale Beach-area residents and businesses. 
And the facts and the truth only became known because of the diligent efforts of my blog to serve as an honest platform for honest and fair debate about public policy issues affecting the diverse people and interests of South Florida.

In Hollywood, I've attended nearly every important City Commission and community meeting about public policy over the past eight years: the arduous and frustrating search for a real estate development team that'd build a large destination resort hotel on Johnson Street & A1A at Hollywood Beach that took to heart what the city's residents and leaders wanted (Margaritaville); the creative efforts of famed architect and planner Bernard Zyscovich and his firm to reshape the city's Master Plan to balance exciting retail, mixed-use and residential living in just the right proportion that would
reinvigorate the city; the many controversial fights over real estate development and building heights at historic Young Circle; the two searches for a new City Manager; the fight over a religious Charter
School; the efforts to bring more public accountability to the city's CRA policies and procedures...

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Travel & Tourism - Activities, Attractions and Places of Interest: Air Museums; Airboat Rides, Tours/Rental; Alligator Farms; Amusement Parks; Archaeological Sites; Art Galleries; Art Museums; Automobile Racing; Automobile Shows, inc. Classic Cars; Battlefield Tours; Bike Tours/Rentals; Boating; Boat Shows; Bird Watching/Conservation; Botanical Gardens; Bowling; Bowling Tournaments; Center for Plant Conservation facilities; Bowling; Bungee Jumping; Camping & Hiking; Casinos & Gaming; Charter Cruises; Children's Entertainment Centers; Comedy Clubs; Cultural/Historical Boat Tours; Cultural/Historical Bus Tours; Fairgrounds; Film Festivals; Fishing, inc. Fishing Apparel, Fishing Equipment and Fishing Tournaments; Bass Fishing; Salt Water Fishing; Fishing Piers; Florida State Aquatic Preserves; Florida State Folk Cultural Centers; Florida State Historical Monuments; Florida State Historical Parks; Florida State Museums; Florida State Parks; Florida State Recreation Areas; Florida State Wildlife Refuges; Golf, inc. Golf Apparel, Golf Equipment and Golf Tournaments; History Museums; Horse Riding; Hunting & Shooting; Indian Reservations; Jai Alai frontons; Kayaking; Kite Boarding; Marine Aquariums; Museums; Music Concerts; National Forests; National Historic Landmarks; National Memorials; National Monuments; National Parks; National Seashores; National Wildlife Refuges; Nature Preserves; Nightclubs; Outlet Shopping Malls; Railroad Museums; Rodeos; Scuba Diving & Snorkeling, inc. Scuba Equipment & Scuba Instruction; Science Museums/Centers, inc. Planetariums; Sea Cruises; Shopping Malls; Sky Diving; Speedways; Sporting Events; Tennis, inc. Tennis Apparel, Tennis Equipment, Tennis Instruction and Tennis Tournaments heatre; Trampoline; Thoroughbred Horse Racing; Tropical Gardens; Visitors/WelcomeCenters; Water Parks, inc. Body Slides/Wave Pools; Wake Boarding; Water Skiing; Zip Lines; Zoos;
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Auto/Truck: Insurance; Car Wash/Wax/Customizing/Detailing; Auto/Truck*: Mechanics & Repairs; Paint & Body; Antique Auto Restoration & Maintenance; Pickup Truck Toppers; Wraps
Marine: Boats, Yachts & Personal Watercraft -Buy/Sell/Rent/Repair; Yacht Brokers; Docking/Marina Storage Facilities; Boat Equipment & Supplies, inc. Engines and Trailers; Boat Furniture; Boat Designers; Fishing Tackle; Fishing rods and reels; Power poles;
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Furniture, for Home; Office; Boat; Outdoor Furniture, inc. for Decks, Pools,
Patios, Spas;
Gas Station & Convenience Stores for Aventura; Hallandale Beach; Hollywood
Healthcare/Medicine - Dentistry: Family Dentistry; Dental Centers; Dental Surgery; Crowns; Dentures; Implants;
Healthcare/Medicine - Opthamology; Optometry; Eyeglass Exams; ContactLenses; Prescription Eyeglass/Sunglass sales;
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Emergency Medicine; Family Medicine; Gastroenterology; Geriatric; Heart & Cardiology; Internal Medicine; Neurology; Obstetrics/Gynecology; Oncology; Orthopedics; Osteopathic; Pediatrics; Podiatry; Psychiatry; Psychotherpy; Spine Injuries; Spinal Surgery;
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Healthcare/Medicine: Prevention campaigns for Diabetes; Liver Cancer; Skin Cancer; Stroke;
Healthcare/Medicine - Med-Tech: Medical Equipment & Supplies for Medical Professionals, Clinics & Hospitals; Mobility stores, inc. Lift Chairs; Porch Lifts; Power Chairs; Scooters; Stair Lifts; Wheelchairs; 3/4 Wheeled Walkers;
Home & Office – Products & Services: Appraisals; Bathrooms; Bedrooms; Bedroom Furniture; Blinds & Shutters; Carpets & Rugs; Closets; Commercial Refrigeration; Dishwashers; Driveways; Duct Work Cleaning, Inspection, Replacement & Modification; Entertainment/Game Rooms; Fireplace; Exercise Room; Fitness Center; Floor Coverings; Foyer; Freezers; Garage Doors, Residential & Commercial, inc. customizing & repairs; Garages; Gutters; Hobby Room; Home Office; Ice Machine; Keg Cooler; Kitchen; Kitchen Appliances; Kitchen Cabinets; Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing; Kitchen Countertops; Living Room Furniture, inc.
cushions, pillows, etc.; Microwave Ovens; Ovens/Stoves; Refrigerators; Toasters; Washers; Dryers; TVs; Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation; Indoor Air Quality Evaluation; Carpentry; Carpet Cleaning; Ceramics; Certified Home Inspections; Drywall repair; Fans; Furnace; Glazers; Hardware; Interior Design; Irrigation; Lighting; Mirrors; Painting; Pest Extermination; Power Washing; Plumbing; Roofing; Room Additions; Screen Enclosures; Masonry; Stone; Tile; Tile & Grout Cleaning; Upholstery; Water Heaters; Duct/Exhaust Cleaning; Cleaning Services; Window Tinting; Water Filtration Systems; Window Shutters; Cleaning Services; Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling; Room Additions; Exterior Siding; Ceiling Retexturing; Outdoor Sheds/Barns/Carports/RV Ports/

Home & Office - Products & Services*: for Backyard Decks; Boat Decks; Boat Docks; Boat Launch; Curbs; Fences; Firepits; Gazebos; Hot Tubs; Jacuzzis; Lawns; Outdoor Furniture, inc. outdoor cushions, pillows, umbrella; Patios; Pergolas; Retaining Walls; Spas; Swimming Pools; Terraces; Fertilizer; Lawn & Garden: Gardening; Irrigation & Well Drilling; Landclearing; Landscaping; Lawn Care; Lawn Mowers & Repair; Plant Nursery; Outdoor Kitchens; Sod
Installers, Commercial & Residential; Tree Trimming; Pressure Washing; Brick Pavers; Stone; Tile; Well Drilling;
Home & Office - Security/Communications Systems
Home Energy: Oil & Natural Gas; Eco-friendly products from "Green"
Home Organization Products for Bedrooms, Garages, Attics & Basements;
Home Repair/Rehabilitation/Restoration;
Hurricane Preparedness: Supplies, inc. Emergency Generators;
Insurance: Auto; Business; Health; Home; Life; Marine; Rental; Travel; Home Adjustors;
Legal Services: Agriculture Practice; Automobile Accidents; Bankruptcy; Business & Commercial Law; Communications Law; Construction Law; Criminal Law; Divorce; Elder Law; Employment Law; Environmental Law; Estate Planning; Family Law; Foreclosure; HOA Law; Juvenile Law; Labor Law; Land Use & Zoning; Maritime Law; Medical Malpractice; Medical & Nursing Home Malpractice; Personal Injury & Wrongful Death; Probate; Real Estate & Title Insurance; Retirement Planning; Social Security Disability; Sports Law; Taxation; Tax Planning; Trademark; Veterans Benefits; Wills & Trusts; Workers' Compensation; Power of Attorney; Living Wills; Health Care Surrogate; Joint Trust packages; Law School Admissions; LSAT Preparation; Paralegal & Professional Staffing; Career Development; Announcements for Employment; Annoucements for Legal/Bar Networking events;
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Pets & Pet Care: Pet Food; Pet Supplies; Dog Grooming; Dog Walkers; Equine Medicine; Pet-Sitting; Boarding Kennels; Small Animal Veterinary practice; Large Animal Veterinary practice; Animal Hospitals; Horse Riding facilities, inc. Ponies for children's parties;
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Real Estate, Residential & Commercial: Appraisal Firms; Architects; Construction firms; Home Repair; Interior Design; Investment opportunities; Mortgage Lending; Real Estate Management Insurance;
Real Estate, Commercial –Buy/Sell/Rent: Realty Firms; Industrial Parks; Technology Parks; Land Development firms;
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Bait & Tackle; Barbers; Beach Wear; Beauty Salons, inc. Skin care; Bicycle Shop; Books & Magazines; Bridal Shops; Carpets & Tiles; Carpet Cleaning; Cell Phones; Cigars & Tobacco; Coin Shops; Comic Books & Sci-Fi; Computers & Computer Repair; Cosmetics; Diamonds; Draperies & Upholstery; Drug Stores & Pharmacies, inc. ads for OTC & Prescription medicine; E-Cigarettes; Electronics, inc. TV/Stereo/Home Entertainment;
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inc. Watches; Locksmith, inc. Key sales; Leather Goods; Indoor & Outdoor Lighting; Lingerie; Lumber; Mattress & Bedding; Medical Equipment; Medical Supplies; Mexican Tienda; Nail Salons; Office Supplies; Optical & Sunglasses; Outdoor Sports, inc. Camping, Hiking & Fishing, inc. Fishing Equipment & Bait; Paint;  Party Supplies & Party Costumes; Pawn Shop; Perfume; Photography; Plumbing;  Pottery; Printing; Realtors; Sign & Banners; Sports Wear; Stationary & Engraving; Sporting Goods; Swim Wear; Toys; Travel Agencies; Upholstery;  Online stores;
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Aerospace Industry

Agribusiness/Agriculture, Real Estate: Buy/Sell/Rent/Lease: Country Estates; Hobby Farms & Ranches; Lifestyle real estate properties; Rural retreats; Working Farms & Ranches;
Agribusiness/Agriculture: Barn construction; Equipment/Products/Services/Supplies;
Agriculture Irrigation; Botanical Gardens; Citrus Industry; Citrus Juice producers; Citrus nurseries; Citrus products; Commodity Crop dusting; Crop Fertilizer & Solutions; Crop Insurance; Crop Protection; Crop Science; Dairy Industry; Ecosystem Restoration; Exotic and Nuisance Plant
Control; Farm Bureau; Farm property Insurance; Farmers Markets; Farming Equipment; Farming Industry; Irrigation Services; Land Management; Low chill Peach tree nurseries & suppliers; Nature Preservation; Plant Nurseries; Ranching Industry; Soil analysis; Soil reclamation; Vegetable
seed companies; Wetland & Upland Restoration and Creation;
Agribusiness/Agriculture: Cattlemen's Association; 4-H; FFA; Florida Citrus mutual; Florida Citrus Processors Association; Florida Dept. of Agriculture; Rodeo associations; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture;
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Aircraft: Charter Leasing/Rentals; Parts & Supplies; Service & Maintenance;
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of Electricity, Natural Gas, Oil;
Foreign Trade & Commerce, inc. Economic Trade shows

Funeral Homes/Cremation Services/Mortuaries

Import & Export firms

Industrial Hardware, Machine Shop, Metal Works: Drilling, Iron & Steel Fabricationfor Residential & Commercial properties;-Logistics, Shipping & Transportation: Commercial & Consumer Delivery Services; Moving Companies & Moving Supplies, inc. Rental Trucks
Personal Security/Surveillance/Bodyguards/Private Investigators
Private Clubs and Associations: Management Services
Radio: Programming promotion
Religious: Books/Clothing/Day School & Instruction
Sports & Athletics: Sporting Good stores; Sports Collectible & Memorabilia Stores; Game ticket sales;
Storage/Warehouse Centers: Residential & Commercial Self-storage Rental Units; Industrial Warehouses; Cold Storage Warehouses;
Television & Cable TV: Programming promotion

#HollywoodFL based photographer/entrepreneur Esther Chuang

#HOLLYWOODFL based photographer and entrepreneur Esther Chuang with Hollywood Mayor-elect Josh Levy
Thumbs up! What a night! #HOLLYWOODFL based photographer and entrepreneur Esther Chuang with a very elated Hollywood Mayor-elect Josh Levy at his Victory Party, held at Leo Anato's Atelier3/AT3 on Harrison Street & S. 19th Avenue, Hollywood. AT3's great environment and the amazing variety of food prepared by chef Kevin Dreifuss, former owner/chef of now-closed ENDS MEAT restaurant, was SUPERB! November 8, 2016 Esther Chuang, Morro Dois Irmãos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2015
Above, perhaps my most-favorite photo ever of Esther, which is really saying something considering the THOUSANDS that I've actually seen of her, from all over the world. But despite the fact that you can't actually see it here, trust me, her amazing smile and inner and external beauty are there. This photo is an even more amazing achievement when you know the backstory of what it took for Esther to get to the top of the mountain, since it's NOT for the faint of heart. Next time you see her, ask her about that! Morro Dois Irmãos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on her birthday, July 10, 2015. That's the Christ The Redeemer statue atop Mount Corcovado way out in the horizon on the top of another mountain, to the left of her head. To the right is the world famous beach of Ipanema and to the left is the equally famous beach of Copacabana. In case you forgot what the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio looks like, up close, plus the Amazon area of Brazil that Esther grew up near in Manaus, here's another Brazilian beauty to connect-the-dots for you: Gisele Bündchen, aka @Gisele.

Abençoado por Deus e bonito por natureza!✨ ������

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A floresta Amazônica tem um papel fundamental no equilíbrio do clima na Terra e, portanto, na vida de cada um de nós. Nos últimos anos a proteção diminuiu e o desmatamento aumentou drasticamente. E o que já era ruim, pode ficar ainda pior. Se as medidas que o governo vem tomando não forem vetadas, nosso futuro estará ameaçado. Diga NÃO à diminuição da proteção da Floresta do Jamanxim! Diga NÃO à exploração de minério no coração da floresta! #TodosPelaAmazônia #342Amazonia #TodosPelaAmazonia Assine a petição: link na bio. ������✨���� The Amazon Rainforest plays a key role in balancing the climate on the Earth and therefore in each of our lives. In recent years, protection has decreased and deforestation has increased sharply. And what was already bad can get even worse. If the measures that the government has been taking are not vetoed, our future will be threatened. Say NO to the reduction of the Jamanxim Forest´s protection! Say NO to ore mining in the heart of the Forest! #togetherfortheAmazon

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