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Thursday, April 12, 2012

When the subject is pet adoption and 'puppy mills' -not roses- Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper shows why I often invoke the fable about the scorpion and the frog. She's the scorpion, of course. Which is why so many voters here aim to kick her out on November 6th

ActsofSedition video: The April 4th, 2012 Hallandale Beach City Commission meeting promised HB residents and pet lovers the opportunity they've been waiting for for several years, but when so many people showed-up and wanted to have their voices finally heard, they got a first-hand lesson in how Mayor Joy Cooper does things -her way or the highway- as she is heard threatening to toss members of the public out. Mayor Cooper remains defiant as always, but Comm. Keith London and HB resident (and longtime opponent of puppy mills) Michele Lazarow comment to Local 10's Ross Palombo on what happened last week and the spectacle that is HB City Hall under the wearisome reign of the Cooper Rubber Stamp Crew. April 11, 2012. http://youtu.be/UNEn1jgTvw4

When the subject is puppy mills -not roses- Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper shows why I so often have invoked the fable about the scorpion and the frog to describe her to others who have never seen her in action, or, who can't quite believe that she is as described here here on the blog and elsewhere in South Florida's blogosphere. 

Well, she's the scorpion, alright, but whereas the scorpion in the fable can't help it, what's the mayor's excuse, after ten years as mayor?
The truth is that the mayor likes getting her way on everything, no matter how picayune the matter, even if it isn't sound public policy, and that is made worse by the fact that she also happens to see it as her prerogative as mayor to let everyone know what she thinks about everything.

Which is just one of the many reasons that so many voters here aim to kick her out on November 6th, so this beleaguered city can finally escape her clutches and breathe a little bit and relax -and start to become the city it ought to be already but isn't.

Friend of the Blog, Chaz Stevens of MAOS, posted this video from Local10/WPLG-TV's 11 p.m. newscast Tuesday night to his YouTube Channel on Wednesday, and as I saw it before hitting the sack this morning, I am happy to share it with you here, however long it stays up on YouTube.

Here are the links to the Channel 10 story and a related essay on their website, which DOESN'T embed news videos.

WPLG-TV/Channel 10 News

Puppy mill ban prompts shouting match at commission meeting
Citizens outraged at Hallandale Beach meeting
By Ross Palombo

WPLG-TV/Channel 10 News
How much is that doggy in the window?
Pet stores vs. Pet adoptions
By Barbara A. Besteni, Managing Editor, Local10.com
Published On: Mar 31 2012 09:17:49 AM EDT  
Updated On: Apr 02 2012 06:35:20 PM EDT

Be sure to read the reader comments above!

To find other related videos on YouTube, use this URL to find them:

Obviously, like most of the concerned residents of Hallandale Beach who continually chafe over the jaw-dropping antics they observe at the city's dysfunctional City Hall and the local South Florida TV stations ignoring it, I'd have greatly preferred that Channel 10 and the other three English-speaking Miami TV stations had actually shown up for the meeting themselves.

Attending last week's meeting, the first of two required readings necessary to pass the proposal as an ordinance, which would make Hallandale Beach the first city in Broward County to pass such an ordinance, would have given them some much-needed first-hand context for better understanding what residents go through pretty frequently, and what I write about so often on this blog.

Plus, showing-up would have also given them more current B-roll for their archives and allowed folks at the station who couldn't make it to see how HB City Commission meetings so often get sidetracked in this small ocean-side city because the mayor is so ultra-sensitive to any sort of criticism.

Since the mayor doesn't really much care what others think to begin with, which is why she talks SO MUCH during the meetings and why the meetings run SO LONG, as mentioned here SO MANY times in the past -as recently as two weeks ago- it would have been nice for area reporters to see latest smoking gun for themselves.
The proof is all around the city, you only need to open your eyes.



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