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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Weeks until Election Day, and candidate William "Bill" Julian STILL shows no remorse over his years of myopia, incompetency, apathy and bad votes that hurt HB taxpayers and made the city a laughingstock. Just like Comm. Sanders!

Above, a screenshot I captured of former Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor William "Bill" Julian from a late September 2010 newscast of Channel 7, WSVN-TV, Miami.

For anyone who cares to look, it's all right there in black and white: former Hallandale Beach Commissioner Bill Julian's embarrassing record for his ten years in office.

Ten years of NOT just being being wrong on the issues and facts that were important for Hallandale Beach's beleaguered  taxpayers and residents who wanted to see their city improved, but ten years of being stubbornly foolish and myopic in his bad judgment, constantly showing himself unwilling to listen to common sense when it was uttered by the public, and to this very day, Julian refuses to publicly admit his remorse or show any contrition for the myriad mistakes he made in office that have us now stuck with a city budget that has nearly doubled in the past seven years, and with little to show all those millions of dollars.

So, given that giant albatross of a résumé to bear, his complete unwillingness to change his behavior or outlook, why would anyone vote for Julian?
Now there's a question!

Just so there's no misunderstanding, because I've already heard a few former Julian supporters who have finally wised-up themselves say that they've "heard" that he's saying that he's learned from his mistakes and would NOW do things differently, I say TOO LATE.

He had ten years in office to learn how to do his job properly, of consistently providing the sort of oversight and accountability HB citizens expect the commission to provide, but on simple matters as well as complex ones, Julian FAILED to perform the job the public had a right to expect from him.
Over-and-over again, he found it easier to just be a member of Joy Cooper's Rubber Stamp Crew.

I can tell you from personal experience that year-after-year of his never learning from his mistakes and making bad decisions was positively excruciating to watch in person from the Commission Chambers, and when he was given the chance in 2010 to finally demand honesty and integrity from City Manager Mike Good and his highly-paid staff on behalf of HB's taxpayers, business owners and residents, Julian simply rolled-over, and refused to listen to citizens calling for the City Commission to call Good's bluff and fire him for failing to even show up for work.
Good wasn't even showing up, and nobody knew where he was, but Julian wanted to give him an exit package.

And just weeks later, Julian personally sabotaged the search for a new City Manager at a City Commission meeting before city taxpayers actually paying for the search ever met any of the candidates NOT named Mark. A. Antonio, to the dismay of this city's well-informed civic activists.

No, this year unlike past campaigns, Bill Julian will NOT be able to escape having to publicly defend his long track record in office of failure, of being the source of so much news media embarrassment to this community because of his own antics and unethical behavior.
His dismal and unsatisfactory record in office will be the albatross that hangs around his neck for everyone to see for the next 30 weeks, 

And now for something completely different...
This is the video where Bill Julian doesn't show up with resources the city paid for or provided by the Red Cross and acts like it was all his doing.

Flooding in northeast Hallandale Beach, FL -along Hallandale Beach Blvd.- December 18, 2009. http://youtu.be/3i_7zs4KZ1s

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