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Monday, April 9, 2012

Poor Sally Draper! Years from now -in the past- 'Mad Men's' Sally is going to tell her own daughter a true story about getting a hit of Sec from Grandma, of crawling under the couch to avoid killers, and her daughter is NOT going to believe her!; Kiernan Shipka shines!

AMC-TV video: Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on episode 504 and its themes of sexual violence and what it takes to be a man. April 8, 2012. http://youtu.be/oEbQyd78k50

Poor Sally Draper! 
Years from now -in the past- 'Mad Men's' Sally is going to tell her own daughter a true story about getting a hit of Sec from Grandma, of crawling under the couch to avoid killers, and her
daughter is NOT going to believe her!; Kiernan Shipka shines!

The 1966 newspaper headline about serial rapist and killer Richard Speck that Sally had been forbidden from reading, which she later fished-out of the garbage can and read under the covers of her bed with her flashlight. Reading the accounts of how the women were tortured by Speck caused Sally to get anxious and made her unable to sleep. April 8, 2012 screenshot by Hallandale Beach Blog.

An antsy Sally under the covers, flash light still on. April 8, 2012 screenshot by Hallandale Beach Blog.

This angst eventually caused Sally to temporarily make peace with her disagreeable babysitting step-grandmother Pauline for a bit, and later, accept a hit of Seconal from her so she could sleep -under the couch, where nobody like a homicidal killer would find her, since she'd read that the only one of the nine kidnap victims to survive had hidden underneath a bed. Above, the scene greeting her mom and step-father returning home late from a trip the next morning: a sleeping Pauline, and a completely wide-awake Sally hiding under the couch. April 8, 2012 screenshot by Hallandale Beach Blog.

For someone like me who has had a well-worn paperback copy of Madison Avenue's iconic treatise "Ogilvy on Advertising" on my bookshelves since I was about eleven years-old, someone who still remembers what the old advertising agency acronyms used to stand for, and who, somewhat  mischievously, when conversations I had while working for influential D.C. law firms were getting stale, would drop those agency names into the conversation to see if people were actually paying attention, and thus knew that DDBO and Young & Rubicam (Y&R) were NOT the same as Piper Marbury or Williams & Connolly or Winston & Strawn, I thought that Sunday night's episode of "Mad Men"on AMC , "Mystery Date" was by far the best I'd ever seen.

Mid-1960's TV commercial for Milton Bradley's "Mystery Date" board game.

AMC-TV video: Talked About Scenes Episode 504 Mad Men: Don's Fever Dream. April 8, 2012. http://youtu.be/PYRdALzZgKI

Vanity Fair
Seconal Is the New Bugles! Mad Men Introduces Sally Draper’s Nascent Pill Addiction
by Juli Weiner 9:28 AM, APRIL 9 2012


I knew I was right today when I turned to Slate's Monday morning rehash of the show here, where lots of smart people paying attention share their hunches and interpretations: 
Don's Mystery Date Goes Bad
By Julia Turner, April 9, 2012

and lots of fans of say, a more typical Conventional Wisdom mindset, were thrown for a loop. Good!  

See the archives at http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/tv_club.html

Before the new season started a few weeks ago, I came across these pieces and videos on Mad Men's young star Kiernan Shipka and saved them for a rainy day:

Kiernan Shipka as the savvy go-to Child Star psychologist 

New York Magazine
The Fug Girls Track the Fashion Evolution of Mad Men Daughter Kiernan Shipka 
By The Fug Girls
3/29/12 at 11:45 AM 

Those of you who are new to this blog should know that I have always been intensely interested in advertising and marketing and read everything about them, hence, the previously-referenced David Ogilvy book.

In the pre-Internet years of the early and mid-1980's, when I was home for the summer from IU, and living with my mother near The Falls, i,e. S. Dixie Highway & S.W. 136th Street, in what is now the Village of Pinecrest, I used to weekly drive about a half-hour away to get to the only new stand south of downtown or Brickell that sold Advertising Age, so I could read what was in the real world of marketing and persuasion.

With the newest issue in my hands, whether I read it poolside at the upscale apt. complex pool I lived at or over at the Godfather's Pizza in the retail complex next to the Pearl's crafts shop on S. Dixie Hwy. & 136th Street, taking full advantage of their delicious salad and individual pan pizza, when I read those articles and analysis about campaigns that soared or fizzled or about who was moving where to be the new Creative Director at some hotshot boutique ad shop, I was mentally far from the mortal coil of South Florida.

Here, unfortunately, the local advertising industry was very, very insular and almost seemed to be more in the client hand-holding business than anything else.
To an extent that would be hard for many of you readers to believe now, given how far it has fallen, the advertising world of that time was also very Miami Herald-dependent.

Up until I want to say the mid-to-late 1980's, everything else being equal, working in the Herald's Advertising Dept. was perceived as a pretty cool job where you could make good money and meet a lot of the genuinely clever 'creative' people throughout the region, given that there were no meaningful alternative serious news newspapers, or, alas, a real regional interest magazine that went hard after upscale readers, like The Washingtonian or Chicago Magazine did,once "MIAMI" magazine bit the dust more than a decade before.

Oh yes, I remember "MIAMI" magazine of the late '60's and early '70's!
My mom's office downtown had a subscription to it and New York magazine and always brought home the old copies after everyone had already read them because she knew that I would devour them.
And I did.

The latter was where I first read Nik Cohn's 1976 cover story, "The New Rites of Saturday Night," the story that was later was adapted by Lesley Stahl's screenwriter husband, Aaraon Latham -and James Bridges- into the blockbuster film, "Saturday Night Fever." 

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