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Monday, July 25, 2016

Tonight's 6 PM meeting at Hallandale Beach Cultural Center re growth, development and transportation -two days before important HB P&Z meeting on giant Chateau Square project- will require some long overdue tough talk and pointed criticism!

re Tonight's 6 PM meeting at the Hallandale Beach Cultural Center re growth, development and transportation... 
I plan on speaking tonight and relating some telling anecdotes about 3-4 issues that I believe are crying out for some long overdue oversight, accountability and EXPLANATION from the bureaucrats and elected officials at HB City Hall, who've so long preferred to keep their heads down in the sand to being properly engaged with the local citizenry and proactively aware of their concerns.

No, as my blog has shown for nine years now, these are NOT exactly the sort of people you can allow yourself to give the benefit of the doubt, since they have managed so consistently to break nearly every vow and promise they've made about public accountability and public oversight over the past ten-plus years.

Which is to say, that they they are NOT the caliber of people you want deciding whether or not the city should allow TWO 40-story buildings -with a large retail and hotel complex as well- to be located at the corner of the city's busiest intersection, U.S.-1 and Hallandale Beach Blvd.

Hard to imagine that something could actually make that area WORSE, but based on what I've seen so far, it looks like this project, if approved, could very well make the city's infamous, gridlocked traffic even worse unless cooler heads and moderation prevail.

As you can see from the photos I snapped below from the posted signs the developer placed on the site, there will be a very important Hallandale Beach Planning & Zoning meeting re the Chateau Square project at 6:30 PM Wednesday night at Ingalls Park, NOT HB City Hall!

Even from a cursory look at the photos you can see how completely incompatible two 40-story buildings on that corner would be, and the disastrous effect it would have in a city where Hallandale Beach Blvd. is the ONLY East-West street that runs throughout the city, connecting the beach to I-95.
On a street that already receives the lowest possible rating from FDOT.
I initially was going to preview my comments for tonight and write about it here, but I have decided that it'll be better if you hear it from me in-person, just like the chagrined people in charge there tonight will have to.
(I plan on posting some of them on the blog tomorrow, along with some tell-tale photos.)

I hope if you have a few minutes tonight b/w 6 & 8, you will come by to participate.
Or, at least swing by to let me know whether or not you are in town right now.
You see, I've only seen one familiar face since Wednesday morning when I got back into town. :-(

And if you have any helpful suggestions about that pressing matter of concern to me that I discussed last week with some of you via email, all the better if you can manage to swing by and talk!

Above, me in June, pre-recent haircut, while visiting hot and humid Central Florida, which is where heat goes in the summer to get away from it all...


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