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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Awesome! Miriam Bryant's musical talent is opening eyes and opening doors everywhere -even in the U.S.; video of Miriam performing LIVE Saturday night on TV4's Sommarkrysset at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, easily the best and most-compelling performance of hers I've ever seen; @MiriamBryant, @StereoscopeAB, @Zedd, #pushplay, #sommarkrysset, #happy


This will be available for viewing internationally at the TV4 Play website until Sept. 2nd, Stockholm time.

One of our musical favorites, Göteborg's own, Miriam Bryant, performed on Sweden's TV4's Sommarkrysset TV show on Saturday night from Gröna Lund, mere hours ago, and as you can see, I have her most recent performance of "Push, play" from her Raised In Rain album
for you all to see

Miriam not only sang great but looked great!
Frankly, to me, she seemed much more relaxed and comfortable playing before an eager audience AND wearing shorts on a warm night, instead of walking around on stages wearing those long black/dark outfits she's favored so much the past few months, that seemed a little overly-dour during the summer. http://web.stagram.com/n/miriambryant
I was very pleased for her!

While I've known for a few days that Miriam would be performing on the show Saturday night, I was reminded of that again on Saturday afternoon around Noon by a handful of readers from Sweden coming to the blog and doing queries about it, even though all the people doing so from Sweden are, in fact, the ones who are 6 hours ahead of me in time, NOT the other way around.
So it seemed odd to me that they'd think I'd have something up on the blog before anything appeared online there.
Made me laugh, actually.
But maybe it's some sort of slightly askew compliment, no?

This has been a very good week for Miriam all around, since she and her Raised In Rain album were tweeted about on Sweden's official Twitter site on Monday, @sweden.

She didn't even mention it or retweet it @MiriamBryant https://twitter.com/MiriamBryant
which made me think that perhaps she was so busy that she didn't even know about it.

As it happens, there was also a very interesting newspaper article on Saturday morning by Aftonbladet entertainment reporter Frida Söderlundin about Miriam's future plans that some of you may've already heard about and that concerns the details of her trip to Los Angeles in June.

Below, a photo Miriam shot in Santa Monica of an iconic Southern California spot:

Svenska stjärnskottet supersatsar - i USA, Miriam Bryant jobbar med Gagas producent: "Absurt"

She's going to be working with the producer of Lady Gaga's current album, Anton "Zedd" Zaslavski, who really likes her voice and her songs, and may well be releasing an EP in the United States, and, presumably, Canada.

As Maria Petersson wrote Wednesday in Miriam's hometown newspaper, the Göteborg Posten, which is also the second-largest national newspaper in the country, in her review of Miriam's performance there in town this week, 
she said, more-or-less, paraphrasing:
Last summer Miriam was working as a waitress at Järnvägsrestaurangen at the very popular Liseberg Amusement Park in Göteborg, and this year she's singing there to very appreciative crowds.

The closing paragraph is spot-on and, essentially, the comments said of Miriam, fortuitously, as history will likely show; again paraphrasing:
Before the concert a young man in his blue rain poncho spoke to the crowd and said that due to the poor weather, Miriam's show would probably be an I-was-there sort of gig that attendees would be bragging about years from now, because "small gigs may soon be history for Miriam Bryant. She's destined for bigger stages."

See also::

"Framför allt får man lov att fucka ur"
Av Camila Astorga Díaz
2013-05-04 13:00
Miriam Bryant har blivit hyllad till tusen, om och om igen. Hon har blivit kallad "den nya Adele" och förväntningarna på henne är stora. Med debutalbumet lovar hon mer pop och mindre soul.

My two previous blog posts that mentioned singer Miriam Bryant were:

APRIL 9, 2013
If Miriam Bryant isn't on your musical radar yet, she ought to be ;) Miriam Bryant - Push Play (Official), Finders Keeper (Official); @MiriamBryant

MAY 14, 2013
On Wednesday you'll be thanking me for introducing you to ANOTHER amazing singer from Sweden: Cecilia Nilsson, a.k.a Cissi or "See See"; Cecilia will sing two songs LIVE on Radio P4 Gavleborg on Friday at 15:30; @CissiNilsson, @andreasjismark, #inmyroom
Here's the official video released months ago

Miriam Bryant YouTube Channel video: Miriam Bryant - Push Play (Official). Uploaded April 8, 2013. http://youtu.be/h6GgeK3irUs
Push, play, stop, rewind, you drown your heroes in red wine...


TV4 video: Miriam Bryant - Push, Play (with piano & bass only -NO drums!) on the Jenny Strömstedt Show. Originally aired March 4, 2013. 

More information on Miriam at: http://www.miriambryantmusic.com/

Miriam Bryant  @MiriamBryant https://twitter.com/MiriamBryant




Stereoscope Music Scandinavia @StereoscopeAB https://twitter.com/StereoscopeAB


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