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Monday, October 15, 2012

In Hallandale Beach, it's déjà vu all over again with Bill Julian's very sketchy ethics in plain view for all to see; In every way that is important, Julian is unfit to be elected and make decisions about this community's future

Above, what you saw here on June 21, 2012, from Bill Julian's campaign website, and below, what was still there on October 14, 15 weeks later.

Below is a copy of the email I sent out yesterday to friends, fellow Hallandale Beach residents and selected members of the South Florida press corps about the screenshot of the website above and below, showing that foolish and unethical former Hallandale Beach City Commissioner William "Bill" Julian never ever learns his lessons...

Above, a screenshot of a portion of Bill Julian's campaign website, as seen this afternoon, which features three of my photos on it that Julian illegally stole from my website, at the top and the middle two, which he has been illegally using for many weeks. 

At this point, it's really more than nerve, don't you think?

In fact, I mentioned this same exact subject here on the blog back on June 21st in something I titled, Stop thief, stop! So guess whose campaign website contains 3 of my original blog photos -all taken without permission or paying for them? Bill Julian. Yes, just like Hallandale Beach City Manager Mark Antonio's serial copyright theft of many of my original photos. Antonio will soon learn that stealing just doesn't pay!
Yes, took them without asking permission -which I'd deny- and, of course, taken without paying for them, as if photos that appear on the Internet were just a free buffet, and you could just help yourself to whatever you wanted.
It's a very familiar fact pattern for Julian and the City of Hallandale Beach, isn't it?

And yes, you're correct, that large photo of the city's North Beach Community Center -STILL closed to the residents of this city after four years- is the same photo that the City of Hallandale Beach has been using illegally for well over a year-and-a-half on its own website, also without asking to use or paying for since they changed their website. 

They're just some of the photos that ethically-challenged former City Manager Mark A. Antonio and his high-paid staff knew all about and did nothing about, even after I told him (and them) at a citywide public meeting in February, with the city's microphone in my hand no less, that he and the city needed to do the right thing and pay me for their having illegally used them for so long without my permission or paying for them.
And then removing them from the city's website for good.

Typically and predictably, as was Antonio's M.O. for years at hearing news he didn't
like, he said that he'd do something about it.

Well, as you all know, Antonio has since retired with a very large pension, and nobody at Hallandale Beach City Hall has lifted so much as a finger to do the right thing, which is both par for the course the past ten years and perhaps also why Julian felt so comfortable there for ten years, and is so eager to return to a place where the people in charge make up their own rules for how they will conduct themselves.
Despite whatever specifics the state's Constitution or the city's Charter might require.

You DON'T (continually) seek to use your official position to gain a benefit or advantage that others don't enjoy. 
You DON'T (continually) take things that DON'T belong to you or which you are NOT legally entitled to, and you especially don't take them without asking or paying for them, and then act surprised that anyone noticed that you're a serial thief, and a bad one at that.
But in or out of office, Julian continues to exhibit an egregious lack of common sense, ethics and sense of scruples that disqualifies him from elected office.

As for the photos of mine on my blog that Julian DOESN'T use or want you to know about, well there's a story.

At the bottom of this email is a reprint of my Sept. 6th blog posting, just three of dozens of photos of mine that I could post showing you that when he was a Hallandale Beach City Commissioner, Julian's sense of entitlement was so large and out-of-control that he habitually and intentionally parked his vehicle in the one-and-only Handicapped Parking space at the city's public North Beach.
Or, if that was already being used by someone with a valid sticker, Julian parking his car in the one-and-only Handicapped Access Parking space right next to it, which, if you didn't know, under state statutes, the same fine amount as parking in a Handicapped Parking space -and rightfully so.

But, of course, the state's statutes and Constitution are meaningless when it comes to Bill Julian's actions and behavior because it would require him actually being issued a ticket by a duly-authorized entity. In Hallandale Beach, for years and years, the HB Police Dept. conveniently looked the other way and ignored Julian parking there so he could meet his friends and hold court for hours at a time at the bar/restaurant at the beach.

But if you or someone you know needed that Handicapped spot, or needed a place to pull into to give you enough space to help get a friend or family member with a wheelchair out of the car, you were just flat out of luck.
Of course, Julian could have just parked his car in the city's public garage a few feet away, and paid the then-dollar an hour fee just like you and me have been doing for years. 
But not Bill Julian.

Able-bodied Bill Julian beat you to it, and saved a dollar or two, too, even though he wasn't
physically handicapped, just lacking scruples. 

As most of you know from both history and my two earlier emails and blog posts within the past ten days about Julian, Comm. Anthony A. Sanders and Mayor Joy Cooper illegally and persistently placing their campaign yard signs on city property, Julian believes in "special rules for special people" and he very much believes that he's one of the special people.

All you have to do to know what Julian is really like is to observe what he does when he thinks that nobody is paying attention.
But some of us who care about this city are, and that's Julian's biggest problem.

Below, a link to my September 6th blog post with those Julian-at-the-beach photos referenced above, which have appeared on my blog many times over the years.

No longer a secret in Hallandale Beach: More details on Bill Julian's longstanding anti-democratic tendencies while HB City Commissioner - he wanted to require residency of 3 years in order to run for local office in HB!; The worst enemy of Bill Julian is a smart voter who pays attention and who possesses a good memory; @MayorCooper, @SandersHB, @AlexLewy

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