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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hallandale Beach CRA budget meeting Wednesday night; re 2009 South Florida Times article, BROWARD DEMOCRATIC BLACK CAUCUS ELECTION VOIDED re Josh Brown, Jr. - How come Hallandale Beach crony capitalism prince Josh Brown Jr., a Director for Palms Center for the Arts, Inc., didn't get prosecuted?

With the City of Hallandale Beach's CRA Budget adoption meeting coming late Wednesday
the opportunity for many of us to finally get some long-overdue answers to questions we've all wondered about, or asked and got the "we'll look into it" response.

I thought that it was about time that I personally tried to get an answer to this curious piece of shady business re Josh Brown, Jr. in 2009, hence my email to the one person who wrote the only known extant account of what happened -Elgin Jones of the South Florida Times.

Did you see Brown  last Wednesday night, sitting by himself in the last row on the right side of the Hallandale Beach City Commission chambers, just a few feet in front of Joy Cooper's Rubber Stamp Crew's Peanut Gallery, who were almost constantly talking throughout the night, even while the HB cop sitting a few feet away just completely ignored them?

Among the folks in Peanut Gallery were Andrew Markoff and Leo Grachow, the same two HB residents who applauded so wildly when Comm. Lewy first made his proposal in mid-August. Birds of a feather and all... 

Yes, Brown was cheering wildly for Joy Cooper, Alexander Lewy and Anthony A. Sandersthe very people who have constantly kept money flowing into his family's pocket for years that originated at Hallandale Beach City Hall, whether as CRA funds or from former City
Manager Mike Good.

According to this Broward Bulldog, article,

Details emerge about Broward IG’s Hallandale probe; payments to commissioner’s wife eyed
By William Gjebre, BrowardBulldog.org, June 22, 2012 at 6:20 AM

the Palms Center for the Arts, Inc., where Josh Brown Jr. is a Director, has received $107,000 from the City of Hallandale Beach the past three years, and is among the groups whom the Broward Inspector General requested copies of their files from the city.

They may call it one thing at City Halls, but everyone in town calls it exactly what it seemed like -money from City Hall  to keep them and their pals on Team Cooper's side.

Especially given that he and his sister and their cronies will likely be in attendance at the  Wednesday meeting, expecting as always that their annual City Hall gravy train under Mayor Cooper will continue, as they give HB taxpayers $10 a year in rent while they receive tens of thousands of dollars.

Don't know if I will get a response from Elgin Jones at the newspaper, but it was long past time to write him and see what, if anything, he had to add to what he originally wrote in 2009, since I've never seen anything else in print or on TV about that series of unsavory episodes where Brown's clear lack of character was made self-evident.
If I get a response, I'll let you know.

SFLTimes video: Alan Brown Seeks Review of the Broward Democratic Black Caucus Election. Uploaded on April 23, 2009.

SFLTimes video: Broward Democratic Black Caucus President Alan Brown Affirmed As President. Uploaded on June 26, 2009.


September 7, 2012

Dear Mr. Jones:


Have you ever heard or been given a reasonable explanation for why Dr. Deborah R. Brown's brother, Josh Brown, Jr., whom you reference in your article, and a Director at the Palms Center for the Arts, Inc. that she is President of, which, according to documents they themselves provided to the City of Hallandale Beach last year,
is NOT a 501(c)3 as most people assume
was, apparently, never prosecuted by the Broward State's Attorney for his leading role in attempting to commit a fraud against the Broward Democratic Black Caucus in 2009, by engaging in a coup against a legally-chartered political organization, including as you wrote at the time of your interview above, Josh Brown, Jr. setting-up a bank account in their name and then later soliciting funds under false pretenses?

While I appreciate that historically, misrepresentation is often hard to prove in court, per se, this sounds pretty clear-cut to me.

Also, have you ever heard any sort of plausible explanation given for why Brown was apparently allowed to illegally use the address of his sister's organization on City of Hallandale Beach-owned land as an office address for a political campaign or organization of his?
Not a Post Office box he rented or one at a nearby Mailbox Etc. but the actual physical address of property owned by taxpayers, 501 N.W. 1st Street.

It's this building, where at 0:56 of this July Channel 10 video, hey, what do you know, there's Director Josh Brownhttp://youtu.be/XlOgkrL9CWI

How has he been able to apparently skate on all these things?

If you have any information or update on these matters that you'd be willing to share, I'd greatly
appreciate hearing from you.

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