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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Some of Fashion & Entertainment's "Tough Chicks in Luxury Packaging": Amber Heard, Jennifer Åkerman and Blake Lively; @AmberHeard, @jjakerman, @BlakeLively; Tuff Brud I Lyxförpackning

Terry Richardson: Behind the scenes with Amber Heard. http://nyti.ms/QKeiwL

Yes, Amber's smile above at 0:44 is pure perfection!

A friendly series of email flares sent up from both Park Slope and West End Avenue this morning alerted us to the exciting news:"Must-see Amber Heard photo essay in today's N.Y. Times "T" Magazine.
("T" being their Style magazine for those of you who are uninitiated.)
Immediately, we got to work and relayed the message via our 24/7 communication network...

This blog and its network of friends around the world thank our New York City friends who wish to remain anonymous for the thoughtful head's-up, and now have a must-buy Sunday Times print edition situation for the first time in quite awhile.
No promises, but we might have some photos here later in the day, after a coffee run later this afternoon from you-know-where.

Here's the basics:

The Well Rounded Amber Heard
By Kathryn Branch
August 17, 2012, 4:00 PM
The video of the behind-the-scenes photo shoot by Terry Richardson is at:
The last time I saw such a beautiful woman with a cute pet in a photo was... oh, that's right, this morning.

It came when I was checking my email and saw that well-grounded fave of the blog, LA-based blogger -LA Life- singer and Wilhemina NY model Jennifer Åkerman had just written about her latest magazine interview, with Uniprice Sweden, which she did while she's back in Sweden for a few weeks on vacation, and was photographed with her journalist sister's cat.

Her post: 
The actual interview and photo is titled, humorously in this case, Tuff Brud i Lyxförpackning
i.e. Tough Chick in Luxury Packaging, and is at:

This title is a reference to a very popular Swedish song by singer Lill-Babs in 1961, a song title that over the past 50 years has also gotten a life of its own as a saying or metaphor, usually as a positive. 
It helps, of course, that the word "brud" can also be used in Swedish for bride as well as babe and -wait for it- chick.

PontiacGrandPrix63 video: Lill-Babs - Tuff Brud I Lyxförpackning (1961)
Uploaded April 17, 2011. http://youtu.be/ECCIF55U-gU

What's old becomes new again in 2010 as Petter keeps it real with Lill-Babs watching from the dinner table.
You don't have to know any Swedish to see why this is both clever and funny, so watch the whole thing!  

YetAnotherStranger1 video: Petter Alexis Askergren sings "Tuff brud i lyxförpackning" on TV4 Sweden's "Så mycket bättre" (So much better) Full song! Uploaded November 14, 2010. http://youtu.be/dwWAR0-dfP8

Hon är en tuff brud i lyxförpackning. 
En tuff brud i snyggt fodral...

(She is one tough chick in luxury packaging. 
A tough chick in the attractive case...)

The best American pop culture comparison might be Ann-Marget in Kitten with a Whip, where the title of that 1964 film, co-starring John Forsyth, has been appropriated hundreds and hundreds of times for other purposes, especially as the title of an article in popular magazines of nearly every subject you can think of.

tonypatti video: Kitten With a Whip -Famous Someday -Ann-Marget and John Forsyth (1964). http://youtu.be/B9xrcZKvUUg

Jen's popular and oh-so-catchy song from last year with her band Bella Tech

Bella Tech - Summer Song
The Los Angeles-based band that features lead vocals by Jennifer Åkerman. http://youtu.be/0Q5x7NfbhP0

Here's the video for her newest solo single, from this summer, Silent Killer...

bellsoto video: "Silent Killer" - Jennifer Akerman, directed by Bell Soto, Uploaded June 2, 2012. http://youtu.be/iYtmjKodsUM

By the way, with the demise of the LA Times Magazine due to budget cuts at parent Tribune Company, one of the few places where yours truly could oftentimes find that delicious nugget of pop culture information that confirmed his intuition and sense of things in the entertainment universe while living in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and South Florida, I now have one less dependable, albeit-celeb-heavy, source of information. 
The news about this forced me to shed a tear of sadness.

Regular readers of the blog might recall they ran that excellent piece in their April issue that I linked to here in my post of April 11, 2012 titled, After Stieg Larsson, whom? April 2012 LA Times Magazine features stories on amazing Stockholm and some prominent Swedish crime novelists -and explains why you should be reading them!

Their cover subject for their last issue, in June, was also a favorite of this blog, the delightful Blake Lively.

I really did mean to bring this up when it was first announced, because it's quite a telling example of what's going on in the American economy right now, as advertising dollars migrate to non-print locales, but...

Los Angeles Times to discontinue LA, its Sunday magazine
The magazine, which came out monthly, will print its final issue June 3.
By Alana Semuels, Los Angeles Times
May 16, 2012|


@AmberHeard  http://twitter.com/AmberHeard


@jjakerman http://twitter.com/jjakerman

Listen to Jennifer here: http://soundcloud.com/jennifer-akerman

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