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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New water restrictions on tap tonight: HB City Hall wants stricter water restrictions despite NEVER issuing a single citation past 2 years. Why?

Reminder: Tonight at 6 pm in Hallandale Beach is Mayor Joy Cooper's ham-handed effort to tighten water restrictions here to once-a-week despite the fact that the city NEVER issued a single ticket the past two years under existing rules.
Also on the agenda is one item that bears close watching, 8G, City Manager Performance Evaluation.

The agenda for tonight's 6 p.m. meeting -note NEW time!- is here:

I have copied and pasted the staff report for 8G at the bottom. That is to say, the City Manager's staff's progress report on their boss, Mark Antonio.
Spoiler Alert: They (he) thinks he's doing a good job thus far.

He clearly has a very different definition of what good is then what many of you and I have.

The proposed water restrictions are nothing more than feel-good legislation that is a solution to a problem that
doesn't exist here, even while she and her Rubber Stamp Crew ignore longstanding, real problems all over the city, and Cooper, the President of the Florida League of Cities, hopes you won't notice the startling incongruity.

An Andy Reid story about what I believe is similar short-sighted policy is in today's
Sun-Sentinel's new Green South Florida blog

Tougher South Florida watering rules resisted, despite drought concerns By Andy Reid, Sun Sentinel 11:21 p.m. EDT, April 19, 2011
Despite lingering drought conditions, South Florida water managers are so far resisting environmentalists’ call for tougher watering restrictions to try to stretch supplies. A drier than normal start to the November-to-May dry season already prompted the South Florida Water Management District in March to impose emergency watering restrictions limiting all residents and businesses across the region to twice-a-week landscape watering.
Read the rest of the story, along with graphs and previous stories, at:


Item #8G.

April 20, 2011


Date: April 12, 2011

Director’s Name: Mark Antonio, City Manager

Department: City Manager’s Office

Subject: City Manager Performance Evaluation


Pursuant to Section 2.B. of my Employment Agreement with the City of Hallandale Beach, performance evaluations are to be conducted on a regular basis, with the first City Manager Performance Evaluation to take place six months after appointment and then conducted annually thereafter.

Accordingly, the six-month performance evaluation is to take place in April 2011. To facilitate the process and consideration by the City Commission, I have attached a list of my accomplishments during the past six months. As it have been a busy six months thus far, with many projects and issues on the table, I truly believe feedback and input from the Commission on my performance and that of the City at this time is in the best interest of the City to ensure all expectations of the Commission are being met and all concerns are afforded the opportunity to be resolved.

Additionally, as the City Commission might be interested in formalizing a City Manager Performance Evaluation process/policy, I will be forwarding, under a separate cover memo, sample City Manager Performance Evaluations for your consideration, review and discussion – as you might direct – during a City Commission Workshop.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to this six-month evaluation for I believe any good Manager would welcome suggestions to improve his/hers performance, as well as that of the City.

As always, should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me.

April 20, 2011 City Commission Meeting – Agenda Item 8.G. – City Manager Performance Evaluation – List of Achievements

Pursuant to Section 2.B. of my Employment Agreement with the City of Hallandale Beach, performance evaluations are to be conducted on a regular basis, with the first City Manager Performance Evaluation to take place six months after appointment and then conducted annually thereafter.

The following is a list of the last six month’s accomplishments, which are based on City Commission’s established goals. Since this is a mid-year report, some projects have not been completed, however in all cases we are right on track, and in some instances we are even ahead of the game.

Livable Community

  1. The Citywide Parks Master Plan is well on its way, with final presentation and recommendations to the City Commission and the public scheduled for the May 16, 2011 City Commission Workshop. It is expected that after this presentation, the Final Plan will be adopted in July 2011, with implementation thereafter. BP# 012/08

  1. Capital Projects that have been on hold or delayed were given priority and are now either complete or on their way to construction:

    1. City Marina – Ground Breaking Ceremony has been scheduled for May 20, 2011, with construction expected to start in early May 2011. CAD# 031/03
    2. North Beach Facility Community Center - the renovations have been completed, and the center is now available for rentals. BP#023/08.
    3. Foster Park Community Center – the project has been bid and staff is now conducting the bid analysis, with and expected day of May 18, 2011 for Bid Award by the City Commission/CRA Board of Directors and construction to start soon after. BP#022/06.
    4. Curci House – renovations have been completed and the building is now open to the public for tours and as a small museum. This project has received awards from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation and the Broward County Historical Commission. CAD#047/03.
    5. PBA Hall – renovations are on the way and should be complete by the end of this year. BP#009/06
    6. A1A Safety Improvements – a LAP Agreement between the City and FDOT for the landscaping phase of this project is being executed, with an expected starting date of August 2011. The triple RRR portion of this Project has been scheduled by FDOT for FY13/14. CAD#015/06
    7. Drainage Projects at the Northeast and Southeast communities have been prioritized and are well under way. BP#013/09 & CAD# 038/06

  1. Staff researched the possibility of updating the City’s Ordinance requiring condominiums to install generators to make it consistent with state statute and to provide financial relief to condo units that meet the state requirements – as a result, changes to the ordinance were presented to and adopted by the City Commission on First Reading during the April 06, 2011 City Commission Meeting.

  1. To continue to encourage diversity within the City and the workplace, and to encourage volunteerism and participation in the City’s safety training programs, Chapter 21 of the City of Hallandale Beach has been revised, and its amending Ordinance adopted on First Reading to facilitate the inclusion of City volunteers, participants in the City’s mentorship program, and provide veteran’s preference within the City’s list of eligibles for entry level firefighter position, entry level police officer position and entry level community services aide condition.

  1. During the FY11 Budget Process, staff was directed to implement a Capacity Building Program to assist in the sustainability of community partners. This program is well under way and will be implemented for the FY12 Budget process as the City’s Community Partnerships Program. BP#006/11

  1. To continue to encourage a sense of community and diversity within the City, and to encourage volunteerism and participation in the City’s programs, coordinated the Community Visioning Workshop. This workshop, facilitated by David Hunt has brought members of the Community together with a common goal – Foster Park Community Building.

  1. During FY11 Budget process, staff was authorized to negotiate and execute an agreement for street furniture, which will assist in sustaining the Hallandale Beach Area Chamber of Commerce while providing for updated street furniture and maintenance. This agreement has been executed and the contractor is in the process of replacing and installing new street furniture. BP#005/11

  1. Staff held a City Commission Workshop on Traffic Calming Devices, and as a result will be implementing the City Commission’s directives regarding the installation of traffic calming devices throughout the community. Furthermore, as a result of said workshop staff has been directed to revise the proposed conversion of NE 8th and 10th Avenues. This review is currently underway and staff expects to provide a report to the City Commission within a month. AR#004/11 and BP#009/09

Excellence in Government

1. Completed Labor Negotiations with Police, Fire and General Employees, resulting in improved employee morale. For new contracts, Labor negotiations are currently underway.

2. Instituted a 401(A) Pension Plan for General Employees.

3. Instituted a 457 Loan Program for City Employees.

4. The City’s website redesign project has been completed and staff expects to go “live” by April 15, 2011. As previously directed by the City Commission, this redesigned website includes information regarding newly adopted ordinances, registered lobbyists, monthly reports, and development projects. CMD#008/04

5. Regarding City Commission/staff relations, my philosophy has been for staff to cooperate with City Commissioners as long as Protocol is being followed. I believe this has improved the City’s efficiency and timely delivery of information to the City Commission. Furthermore, it has facilitated and expedited the review of many agenda items as now directors are allowed to brief the Commissioners on any questions they might have prior to a Commission/Workshop Meeting.

6. Agenda Format has been revised and implemented per City Commission directive. Furthermore, all agenda items are being provided 7 days before the City Commission Meetings and/or City Commission Workshops with complete backup information.

7. Draft Action Minutes from City Commission Meetings and City Commission Workshops are being provided for consideration and approval by the City Commission at the following Commission Meeting.

8. Implemented new format for the City Commission City Manager Forums. Furthermore, staff continues to meet with the Community as needed and/or as requested by the Community.

9. The Office of the City Manager has been open and accessible, not only to the City Commission, but also to the public, developers and business partners.

10. Holds monthly departmental meetings with each Director to provide discuss pending issues and provide directive as needed. Hold departmental meetings with all directors to foster communication amongst colleagues.

11. Coordinated and held the City Commission Visioning Session, which resulted in updated City Mission Statement and Strategic Priorities, thus giving staff and the Community a sense of direction. Also resulting from this visioning session, the City Commission/City Manager Workshops, City Commission retreats and resident and business survey. CMD#011/03

12. Hired new Development Services Director, Director of Community Redevelopment Agency and Chief of Police.

13. At the directive of the City Commission, outside auditors are conducting a Special Report on Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) activities and City Manager’s office: report is 90% complete.

14. To inform our Community of on-going projects, established policy where all construction, landscaping and/or rehabilitation projects are posted with uniform signage advising of the project, its purpose, cost and contact person for further questions.

15. With staff’s support, prepared and adopted FY11 Budget: in preparation for said budget, held a Special CRA budget workshop and streamlined CRA budget to ensure all CRA-related programs were active and properly funded. Per policy, continue to review budget expenditures to ensure these are completed within adopted budget.

16. With staff’s support, in the process of preparing FY12 Budget.

Environmental Sustainability

1. Continue to work with consultant, County and state agencies to obtain permits for the City’s Beach Renourishment projects. CAD# 035/97

2. Relocation of the City’s Well Fields – a requirement for the City’s to obtain its water consumption permit, project is well underway: the economic impact study has been completed and the City will now enter into negotiations with the City of West Park. BP#008/10

3. Revised Water Conservation Ordinance has been adopted on First Reading.

4. Implementation of the Forest Health improvement Grant at Joe Scavo Park to prune and replace dead and diseased trees. Project is expected to start within the next two weeks and be completed by end of summer. CAD#006/10

5. Implementation of City’s Recycling Program as well as implementation of services contracts for solid waste disposal which decreased costs by decreasing the travel time to disposal sites. Furthermore, staff is working with a consultant for the development of either a Request for Proposal or Request for Bid for the City’s long term disposal of its solid waste. CAD#018/10

Economic Development

1. Implementation of the City’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP1) through partnerships with Broward County and Habitat for Humanity. CAD#006/09

2. Negotiated the approval of redevelopment and development agreements for the expansion of Wal-Mart and Hallandale Investments/TD Bank. CAD# 001/11 and CAD# 002/11

3. Through CRA, working with businesses to assist them to comply with City’s minimum property maintenance code, be it by demolishing old, dilapidated structures and/or removing pole signs.

4. Settlement agreement between the Set Enterprises, Inc., and the City of Hallandale Beach and Rix Video Emporium and the City of Hallandale Beach.


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