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Photo in upper-left is Hallandale Beach's iconic beachball-colored Water Tower on State Road A1A, September 2008; March 2018 photo below of HB's North Beach and southern Hollywood Beach, looking left-to-right, looking north, HYDE Condominium, Etaru Japanese Robatayaki restaurant, and Hollywood Beach in the distance, with umbrellas. All photos by me, © Hallandale Beach Blog, All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It's this simple in Hallandale Beach: Good vs. Evil. Who you gonna vote for? Might I suggest a vote for Good in the form of Mike Butler, a proven, well-informed civic activist who sweats the details like few people I know? Give Hallandale Beach a chance to finally be rid of the unethical and dysfunctional stench that was Joy Cooper and her Rubber Stamp Crew during their reign of ruin

It's this simple in Hallandale Beach: Good vs. Evil. Who you gonna vote for? 
Might I suggest a vote for Good in the form of Mike Butler, a proven well-informed civic activist who sweats the details like few people I know?
Give Hallandale Beach a chance to finally be rid of the unethical and dysfunctional stench that was Joy Cooper and her Rubber Stamp Crew during their reign of ruin

Above, Mike Butler, the face of Good Government in Hallandale Beach -if you vote him into office. Many of you know that back when Michael and I were spending a LOT more time together working on issues and civic engagement, him via Change Hallandale, in the original fight against the incompatible Diplomat LAC plan -that was eventually rejected by the Broward County Commission- I used to tell Mike that I wished he'd run for mayor.

Misanthropic, unethicical imbecile Bill Julian yet again plays his familiar role of The Nice Guy Con Man, making promises he can't possibly keep, in part because he is lying to himself about his own public record. Don't fall for the ruse! 

Bill Julian is a proven bad guy with a grossly misplaced sense of entitlement, and a serial abuser for years of one of society's most basic rules: for YEARS Julian viewed illegally parking in Handicapped Parking and Access spaces as just a perk of his job.

The sign of a con man trying to sell failed past and who wants to personally hold on to power and perks -and pretend that he's relevant. But he isn't. Bill Julian is an imbecile slacker with a giant sense of entitlement and once, while voting to raise his own salary when it wasn't on the public agenda, referred to himself and other HB City Commissioners as being largely akin to large Fortune 500 business exceutives. Really! I couldn't make that up!!!  

Below, the issue that Bill Julian keeps hoping the South Florida news media would ignore -and they do. But I didn't.

Above, the May 16, 2008 photo taken by me, South Beach Hoosier, at the city's then-configuration at North Beach park parking lot, showing then-HB CIty Commissioner Bill Julian's city badge while his car was parked in the one-and-only Handicapped parking space, next to a then-existing restaurant. © 2012 Hallandale Beach Blog, All Rights Reserved.

Quoting myself from 2016:
I've been very busy over the weekend getting my thoughts together for this particular blog post, and the reason is clear. More than just about any other story I've written about here at Hallandale Beach Blog since I started it in 2007, especially one that's dealt specifically with what was taking place in this part of South Florida, in southeast Broward County, the level of public discussion, rancor and outright revulsion about the egregious stupidity and unethical behavior of Hallandale Beach's very own Simpleton, City Commissioner William "Bill" Julian, has reached a point of "no return."

A point of no return that was never reached by Julian's MANY unethical and foolish words and actions in office of the past ten years, however stupid, sordid and self-serving as they usually were, all of which have been chronicled here with great specificity on the blog, often with self-evident photos to hammer home the facts that Julian, his apologists and Mayor Joy Cooper didn't want to face and deal with in an upfront manner.

Even longtime apologists for this bumbling idiot of a small-town pol, a man who even his small circle of friends have long acknowledged, lacks even the most basic short-term AND long-term vision for this growing ocean-side community that nearly everyone here believes ought to be -and managedSO MUCH BETTER than it has been and is now, have reached their personal breaking point: line in the sand!

That's something that I know about for a fact because so many friends and acquaintances of mine, as well as more than a few people who by no definition of the word could ever be described as "friendly" towards me in the past -ever- have decided to contact me over the past few days to express their own personal sense of betrayal, anger and befuddlement.

This includes people who have long tolerated Bill Julian's longtime record of foolishness, critically poor and faulty judgment on issues and votes, and his MANY YEARS of being of clearly being largely unprepared to participate effectively and competently at public city meetings in a way that would even come close to what Hallandale Beach's residents and Small Business owners expect, especially for someone who has been in office for so long.
They have all told me -and you today via me on this blog- that they have had "ENOUGH!"
Enough is enough - "Julian needs to go!"

Below are some self-evident facts and well-chosen thoughts of mine about Bill Julian's latest ethics and legal scandal that has ensnared the city.

Longtime residents and businesses in this area have long known that Julian is no stranger to either foolish words or boneheaded actions, which, individually and collectively, have made helped make this ocean-side city a longtime running joke among well-informed and politically-active South Florida residents and members of the local news media.

Bill Julian is no stranger to unethical actions that have cast large doubts on his core competency, ability to process basic information, or use and demonstrate critical judgment.
In short, his basic fitness for office.
The least we should be able to expect from a public official.

The local press corps has told me as much, which explains why so often stories of more than some public interest that happen here that would in ordinary times be covered on local Miami TV newscasts if they happened in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay or Pembroke Pines, but are ignored because they occur here. 
For their part, the reporters take the point of view that things happen in Hallandale Beach -and are not covered adequately- because "that's just Hallandale Beach being Hallandale Beach."
If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that sentiment or one similar to it said to me in person or via email or phone call, I'd have quite a tidy sum to invest.

Read the rest of this post at:

August 29, 2016 #SoFL #ethics - Proving that the past is prologue, yet again, here comes ethically-challenged Commissioner Bill Julian to once again personally make Hallandale Beach a laughingstock. But this time, a NATIONAL laughingstock. Surprise! It involves votes on real estate development and favors in return. Here's the latest on the matter, along with a stark reminder of Bill Julian's previous unethical actions

October 27, 2012 Why would you even consider voting for such a despicable person as Bill Julian for the Hallandale Beach City Commission? Besides Julian's creepy habit while an elected official of illegally parking in Handicapped Parking spaces for YEARS, when you add his truly terrible judgment and penchant for saying and doing the wrong thing, why would you even consider giving him a voice in deciding this city's future?; @SandersHB


October 29, 2010 So very creepy! Why does Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Bill Julian hate the physically disabled so much? His despicable track record tells the tale!


October 31, 2010 Stone-cold fact: Bill Julian, serial scofflaw, for years has parked in handicapped/access parking spaces so he can hang out at a beach bar for hours


Above and below, photos from last month's candidates forum at the Hallandale Beach Cultural Center and moderated by the Sun-Sentinel's myopic Opinion Page editor Rosemary O'Hara, not one of my favorite persons by any stretch of the imagination.
It was SO embarrassing to anyone with even a passing familiarity to the facts and history of this city the past 15 years that I actually chose not to write about what was said and by whom because it could someday coome back to haunt the... guilty.

Joy Cooper's Rubber Stamp anti-reform and transparency forces who dominated Hallandale Beach for well over a decade -Joy Cooper along with her rotating minions Dotty Ross, Bill Julian, Alex Lewy and Anthony Sanders- have long regarded the institution that resulted from Broward County voters's disgust with Broward's well-known pay-to-play political culture, the Office of the Broward Inspector General, as something to be ignored or treated like an unnecessary anachronism. 

Strict honesty and fidelity to the spirit as well as the letter of the law was regarded as ridiculous. There wasn't enough wiggle room for them to cut their deals.

Thru their words and actions they made clear that they saw rigid adherence to the new ethics rules as problematic because it made it difficult for them to plausibly argue that it lacked “nuance.”
And now, if Hallandale beach voters choose to reject Bill Julian for a third time and make Mike Butler a City Commissioner, they can throw dirt on the political careers of these people who have done so much harm to the city and its future.
Just do it! 


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