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Friday, October 6, 2017

#HollywoodFL's Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine shows every sign of becoming one of Downtown Hollywood's newest icons -and a great reason to go out at night with family and friends -and forget about politics for a few hours

Do you see this design?
Yes, that's really volcano smoke arising from the second of three A's in Krakatoa. #clever.

Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine owner John Anthony is a very shrewd, savvy and self-assured fellow, as I was pleased to discover in a very wide-ranging conversation with him at his new restaurant last weekend, as he explained in quite some detail how it came to be that in 2017 he's channeling Johnny Appleseed, but with an honest affection, enthusiasm and love for Indonesian cuisine and culture in this part of South Florida, not the All-American apple.
And what an interesting story he has to tell, too.
Look for it on the blog in the next few days! 
You won't be disappointed.

As for that clever design, well, get used to it since it's self-evident to me based on several conversations around town with what in Hollywood passes for the smart set, especially its #Foodie division, and my conversation with Mr. Anthony himself, that Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine shows every sign of becoming one of Downtown Hollywood's newest icons and a great reason to go out at night with family and friends -and forget about politics for a few hours.
This, after the city has lost a couple of popular places on Hollywood Blvd. and environs for a variety of reasons, most of which people in the downtown business establishment don't want to talk about on the record.

But whether it's a sign that the lingering signs of the worst summer in years is finally losing its death grip on us, or something else entirely, like a run of some much-needed good luck in the hit-or-miss Downtown Hollywood restaurant market, by my count, Krakatoa is at least the third new restaurant in Downtown Hollywood that I've visited in the past two weeks where even a short visit made me want to stay longer next time, always a good sign.

For myself, it's good to finally see some honest-to-goodness enthusiasm, hard work and respect for the long-suffering Broward food consumer paying off for some entrepreneurs who were willing to take a chance in what has long been a helter skelter market, just like I wrote about last October with respect to some longtime Italian and Sicilian friends who were willing to take a chance on Downtown Hollywood, instead of just putting their first U.S. location in South Beach, like all the "experts" kept telling them to do, but which they bravely resisted:

How & why #Italy's @tastagelato's first location in the U.S. is a huge coup for #HollywoodFL & #SoFL consumers, #Foodies & families -and a powerful magnet in creating a more dynamic, innovative Downtown Hollywood; TastaGelato Naturale

I suspect that Krakatoa will soon be "common knowledge" to many well-informed people and influencers throughout South Florida, not just my many thousands of blog readers, or my friends, but local Miami news reporters as well, who are always looking for new angles and new stories to do, and who read both my blog and Follow me on Twitter.
And who desperately want new, cool places to eat with their friends, too, as they are always reminding me!

Krakatoa Indonesian Cuisine's newest location is at 1910 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL 33020. (754) 221-0914. 
This location is open Wednesday thru Sunday from 11 AM  to 11 PM. 
The original location at Yellow Green Farmers Market, 1940 N 30th Road, Hollywood, remains open for business Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM.


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