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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Initial thoughts and some background info re news about sale of land/mixed-use development near Gulfstream Park Race Track & Casino, per Brian Bandell at South Florida Business Journal, @SFlaBizBandell; more Lauderdale Lakes CRA hijinks

Many of you longtime readers of the blog may recall 1000 E. Hallandale Blvd. as the former "Oasis" project, 
which lobbyist/legislator Steve Geller got approval from the HB City Commission for a number of years ago, despite the self-evident fact that common sense would dictate that there would need to be another east-west road south of there to support the steady flow of construction vehicles to and from the project for over a year without backing-up already-gridlocked Hallandale Beach Blvd.
Which would also allow the projects tenants and visitors to exit without all of it spilling onto F-rated Hallandale Beach Blvd.

That such a necessary road does NOT currently exist, of course, would seem to be highly problematic, but you know me, I'm old-fashioned that way.
Of course, IF the HB City Comm. had been using common sense at any point in the recent past, they would have NEVER allowed Gulfstream Park to even consider erecting their employee dorm -the one where the fence along the road is padlocked, an issue which the HBFD has been sleeping on for years! Surprise!- precisely where such a much-needed access road would go that would greatly reduce traffic on HBB by connecting Hibiscus Street on U.S.-1 to the area behind the Publix on NE 14th Avenue and the nearby Golden Isles community.

Most of you have seen my photographs and graphics showing precisely how this should have been done.
Here's a small reminder!

You remember Hibiscus Street at U.S.-1 don't you? 
The street where the sign of the bad marketing and neglect by Gulfstream Park hits you right in the face?

Me back on March 2, 2011 
Their own worst enemy: Big problems lie ahead for Gulfstream Park if they continue keeping HB community in the dark, esp. re night racing
Me in 2011: 

It would be different if Gulfstream had/has little land to build upon, but the reality is that there were several perfectly acceptable locations on their HB property where the dorm going up would NOT have interfered with the HB community's long-term interests being served -less traffic on HBB.
Another wasted opportunity in HB to do the smart thing!

Here's a link to that signed 2010 Development Agreement

By the way, speaking of CRAs wasting money, time and opportunities... here's our friend Chaz Stevens with some galling news that is a perfect snapshot of Southb Florida government in action:
The Lauderdale Lakes CRA is millions in debt, hasn’t launched a major project in years (but they have a nice community tomato garden and pays the CRA Director $150K a year to do just that)

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