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Advertising Opportunities at Hallandale Beach Blog, 2018

Advertising Opportunities at Hallandale Beach Blog
Luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it.” –Samuel Goldwyn, co-founder of Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios

Hi, my name is David B. Smith and I'm the creator of the Hallandale Beach Blog, a popular and respected eleven-year old South Florida-based blog on public policy, government, current events and news/trends, focusing on the nexus of business, Pop Culture, sports, technology and the world of entrepreneurialism. 
On my blog I inject some much-needed accountability, transparency and original insight on those issues, concentrating most of my local energy, enthusiasm and laser-like attention on issues affecting the citizens of Broward County and South Florida, especially the cities of Hollywood and Hallandale Beach, but also keeping a sharp eye on developments, issues and trends in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee and Washington D.C. that'll affect my readers, their families, and their businesses.

Screenshot of the blog as seen on smartphones

Due to a lot of hard work, attention to detail, and a reputation for honesty and transparency, my blog and its Twitter feed, @hbbtruth, have created a successful niche, becoming a very trusted news source for information-hungry news consumers, residents, Small Business owners, and myriad business and civic groups. That includes many current and former Elected state, county and municipal officials, numerous members of the South Florida/Florida and U.S. press corps, as well as academics, attorneys, lobbyists, entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals, including officials at Non-Profits and Think Tanks in the U.S. and Europe.
In short, a lot of people who for personal and business reasons don’t just care a great deal about what’s going on in South Florida and the Sunshine State, but who care about what its residents and business community are actually thinking.

Advertising on my blog gives you and your business or firm an opportunity to use it as a cost-effective marketing and branding platform to attract and retain new customers -and help better differentiate it from your competitors- and to do so at very reasonable price relative to other options in South Florida, beginning at just $90 a month.. 
Because of the interesting and timely subjects I write about and the savvy mix of readers already coming to the blog and via my Twitter feed, I can offer Consumer, Business-to-Business, Corporate & Institutional-related promotion/public awareness advertising from firms, companies, individuals, and Non-Profit entities in South Florida and elsewhere. 
Those prominently-displayed ads will help you reach the blog's affluent, highly-educated and well-informed South Florida-based readers and decision-makers.

Unlike ads in many South Florida's newspaper or lifestyle magazine's websites, your ad will not just be seen, but NOTICED by South Florida's most-informed, engaged and discerning full-time residents, business leaders and politicians, as well as by seasonal residents and out-of-town investors with very strong personal and economic interests in keeping up to-date on what's happening in our slice of Florida. Those highly-engaged readers are precisely the sort of people that savvy businesses want to capture as future customers and clients - so why not you and your business?

Hallandale Beach Blog's monthly readership numbers consistently outperforms the vast majority of Florida-based blogs and websites, especially those not affiliated with newspapers or TV stations. June of 2014 remains the blog’s all-time monthly record, with 96,439 page views, but this past February garnered 89,672 page views.
For 2018, on average I'm receiving between 25,000 and 30,000 individual page views a month, but as always, the busy period known around here as the "season," when part-time South Florida residents return from Northern climes in the U.S. and Canada are precisely when it gets much-higher 
IF your company, business or firm's Consumer, B-2-B, or Institutional advertisement was already advertising at HallandaleBeachBlog, your message would ALREADY be getting seen and noticed every month by them and the tens of thousands of upscale, well-informed, well-educated consumers, politicians, and business owners, inc. LOTS of high-quality, trusted taste-makers, influencers and members of the news media in South Florida and throughout Florida.
Sophisticated, quality-conscious and keyboard-articulate people whose informed opinions and preferences have a great deal of magnifying power online because they are not just quick to share what they know or think with others via Social Media about news, ideas and their points of view. People quick to share their views with their large audiences about the positive customer/client experiences they have with you.
Nothing succeeds like a quality product or service that comes with quality customer service!
And you can reach them at prices starting at just $90 a month.

Over the past eleven years, as its reach and influence has expanded, I'm happy to say that the Hallandale Beach Blog 
has developed a reputation for fact-based reporting and fair-minded analysis of the issues that its readers appreciate and value. They've come to rely upon the fact that the blog's positive reputation makes it a very reliable, go-to source of information, facts and perspective, not only for them, but also for Florida's news media. The latter is why the blog is so often cited in stories or even the reason some news stories on public policy and local government are appearing in print or on TV newscasts in the first place in Florida's often-combative nexus of government, politics and public policy.
That's been the case when HBB has broken news before anyone else, or, added important facts and context to the news mix that completely changed the prevailing media narrative or conventional wisdom.
For example, in 2012, I exposed a reporter who'd written lots of column inches praising a heretofore unknown mayoral candidate. The problem was that the person she was praising was also her husband and she didn't want that relationship to be publicly known, as the Florida Bulldog later reported.


In 2013, even more than usual, I saw unsavory things going on in Hallandale Beach that were beyond ethically questionable. Doing some first-hand sleuthing and follow-up, I made information public that gave one of the most well-known businesses in South Florida a public relations black eye. Why?
For attempting to throw their considerable weight around at Hallandale Beach City Hall and 
undermine democracy by trying to illegally influence public policy. They did nothing less than attempt to bypass the elected City Commission and have their longtime friend and proxy, then-mayor Joy Cooper, rush thru a waiver of large fines owed by them to the city and state for refusing to adhere to the same Code Compliance rules that other businesses and residents in the city have to obey. And worse, Mayor Cooper tried to do it when there was zero public notice, no written background information, and even without the city's own staff doing ANY work or investigating.

After connecting-the dots on the story, I made a phone call to an investigative TV reporter who knew me and my reputation from lots of past first-hand experience. Which is why South Florida residents found out about this Gulfstream Park Race Track & Casino attempting to get special treatment, and how Local10 News got an exclusive.

Local10 video: Mayor wants $52K fine against Gulfstream Park waived

No vote taken on waiving fine at Hallandale Beach budget meeting

By Bob Norman, Reporter, bnorman@Local10.com, and Ben Candea, Senior Web Producer, bcandea@local10.com

Published On: Oct 04 2013 06:13:16 PM EDT   Updated On: Oct 04 2013 11:51:10 PM EDT

Owing to my interests and knowledge, there's a good reason that my popular Twitter feed regularly gets tagged by influential Swedish and Scandinavian companies/businesses, and Biz & media personalities -like the Swedish Consulate in New York, which promotes Sweden in the United States on trade, investment, cultural and consular affairs- as well as tagged regularly by South Florida's #1 Real Estate reporter: RESULTS.

What all these parties know is that which they share with me -and what I share with them- gets SEEN AND NOTICED by people whose opinion matters.
Brian Bandell of the South Florida Business Journal knows from experience that I not only know what's really going on below-the-radar in the area, but also knows that I can add something new and compelling to the story or idea.

Original content that in turn WILL be seen by those very same influencers, pols and businesses and be commented-upon, and becoming part of the ongoing public policy agenda and narrative!
Yes, just like your company's ad in this space will not just be seen but NOTICED!






Savvy businesses will be here, why not yours?

On September 21, 2016 I broke the news that a Hilton 
boutique hotel across from Hollywood's Young Circle,
between Harrison Street and Hollywood Blvd, part of Hollywood developer Chip Abele's long-in-the-works project, Young Circle Commons, had finally gotten approved by the City Commission. And I talked to him about it afterwards.


Your ad at HBB gets your message seen by high-quality, trusted taste-makers and influencers in South Florida and throughout Florida. Sophisticated, quality-conscious and keyboard-articulate people whose informed opinions and preferences have a great deal of magnifying power online and on Social Media. Readers and Twitter Followers who are not just quick to share what they know or think with others via Social Media about news, ideas and points of view, but also share about positive customer/client experiences.
Yes, a Netflix-watching, WSJ-reading group of creative problem-solvers. Who always vote.

They’re the kind of audience who’ll actively respond to your ad and recommend you to their friends and Followers if you can consistently provide them with a quality product or service with reliable customer service. New customers who become loyal, steadfast customers. And now, via my blog, you can reach them via an ad for prices starting at just $90 a month.
But as anyone can tell you, it isn’t just how many people you reach, of course, it’s WHO you reach and how you reach them.

Given a choice, wouldn’t you prefer to advertise at a popular site like Hallandale Beach Blog 

where ALL users are able to see your unique message, no matter the time of day and regardless of what kind of device they were accessing it on? It only makes sense!

I’m currently offering FOUR different monthly advertising plans, based on size, but I’m always open to alternatives that may work better for your specific needs, so contact me if you have ideas different than these. 
To give you a sense of proportion, consider that Tweets currently appearing on my blog in the right and left-hand columns with photos are roughly about 2 & 1/2 inches X 1 & 3/4 inches, or 6 & 1/2 millimeters X 5 millimeters.
Which also happens to be the size for my reasonably-priced Side ads. 

For more information on possible sizes and styles, please consult this very helpful website:

Each ad featured on the blog will be visible by anyone viewing the blog, regardless of their locationThat means advertisers are guaranteed the widest-possible distribution and can create positive first impressions on many more people than you can currently reach via online ads placed at websites using algorithms based on online search history and email habits.
Which means that you not only reach current readers in South Florida, but also get the opportunity to plant positive ideas and develop interest in your product or service in the minds of visitors before they travel or move here!

All ads featured on the blog can be embedded and linked to any website of your choosing, whether your business's current homepage, a directory of products, or any third-party website of your choosing
Plus, every advertiser will see their ad featured on a @hbbtruth tweet the first day it runs, which means that people who are paying attention will now know that you are in the mix. 

Below, for instructive purposes only, I've used some examples of some ads I like that are attention-grabbing in some way or fashion, and which you might want to consider using now or at some future point. 
No endorsement by the company of my blog is intended or to be inferred, as they are only examples. In some cases, ads that are over 900 in width are shrunk below to a smaller size so they fit on this particular page and don't bleed onto other content in side columns.

$90 - Side ads, up to 330 X 250 pixels, perfect for displaying your Business Card, some artwork and copy about your business or firm, or perhaps even an Airbnb ad for one of your rental properties. Side ads appear in the right and left-hand columns of the text of the newest blog post.
For example, like this business card for The UPS Store in Hallandale Beach, which has successfully been serving consumers in Hallandale Beach, Hollywood and Aventura for over twenty years.

Or, consider this Subaru ad, 300 X 250

or this one for Subway, Saturday Black Forest Ham, also 300 X 250

$170 - Rectangle ads, which can also include Video 
These ads appear in the middle columnabove or below text of the newest post, or can be positioned in the right-hand or left-hand column if you prefer.

For example, like this national ad for The UPS Store, 160 X 600.

$225 - Small Leaderboard ads, which can include Video, up to 728 X 90 pixels.
These appear directly above ALL new editorial content, at the top of the blog. 

For example, like this, Icelandair, Flash Sale, 728 X 90.
Icelandair flies out of Orlando International Airport to beautiful Iceland and Europe, and also happens to be one of my longtime Twitter Followers, as are some of its flight crew.

$300-plus, depending upon size, which can include Video  - Large Leaderboard
These ads are ones that are 300 X 600 pixels or larger, depending upon your particular need, and spread across the top of the blog with space to spare for your your ad's text and/or video. 
They would appear directly above all content at the top of the blog, below the blog's familiar Hallandale Beach Water Tower icon.

For example, for the new development in Hollywood on the Intracoastal on Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hyde Beach House Hollywood, 300 X 600.

Or for Upplands Motor via Volvo Sverige, 500 X 360. 

TEPPEABO, 980 X 150.

Icelandair, 600 X 390.

Nike Women’s 10K Stockholm 20151600 X 419

The prices cited above are not just reasonable given the size and caliber of the blog's readership demographics, but also represent a real bargain compared to some of the high prices charged by other media outlets in South Florida. All ads featured on the blog can be embedded and linked to any website of your choosing, whether your business's current homepage, a directory of products, or any third-party website of your choosing.

Here’s how committed I am to making a deal with you that satisfies both of us: I'm offering all prospective advertisers some price-certainty and time-certainty, and even offering up a sweetener: 
1.) Any advertiser who agrees to purchase an ad now -regardless of size- gets their ad locked in at the introductory price until the end of March 2019. 
2.) Any advertiser who agrees to purchase an ad and pay for TWO or more months now -regardless of size- will receive EXCLUSIVITY for their specific advertising category for as long as they continue advertising on the blog.

If you're offering a quality product or service to people in South Florida or around the world and want to reach not just upscale, tech-savvy consumers, but also some of the area's most-influential opinion-makers, make the decision today to begin advertising where informed people are going to get the facts behind the issues: Hallandale Beach Blog.
People to turn to my blog for ideas, content, answers, solutions and informed points-of-view they can't find elsewhere.

I’m eager to do some business with you and speak to you about your needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have at 
hallandalebeachblog@gmail.com and I will follow-up right away.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

David B. Smith

Twitter: @hbbtruth, https://twitter.com/hbbtruth

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