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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Assisted Liposuction devices are latest reason why Doctor's Toy Store remains the #1 place for medical professionals to save money on high-quality medical equipment AND get the great customer service/support they expect. @drstoystore #medtech #healthcare #medicine

Assisted Liposuction devices are latest reason why Doctor's Toy Store remains the #1 place for medical professionals to save money on high-quality medical equipment AND get the great customer service/support they expect. @drstoystore #medtech #healthcare #medicine 


In 2017, just as was true last year, Doctors Toy Store, with 17 years of experience in serving busy medical professional all over the world -especially in South Florida- offers an amazing array of top-tier products at DISCOUNT prices. And in the process, DTS produces another tangible dividend for its clients: peace of mind

You see, medical professionals, whether GPs or area specialists, find that they can't put a price on the reliability and quality customer service that DTS offers them.

That sort of commitment to client satisfaction helps explains why Doctor's Toy Store boasts the largest medical showroom in all of FloridaA showroom that's chock-full of every medical tool and device a doctor or practice group could possibly ever think of -and then some.

That level of cutomer service also explains why at almost any time of the day, you'll find one of the dozen-plus DTS store trucks rolling thru the streets of South Florida on its way to making another DTS client happy -satisfied they received what they wanted at a price they liked, when they wanted it.  

DTS owner and CEO Rob Raymond and his team continue to satisfy his very demanding, far-flung clients demand for medical equipment with conscientious, top-quality customer service that constantly reminds them they're his number-one priority.

Today I'm going to focus on two medical devices that were big movers for Rob and his DTS team in 2016 because of their greater efficiency and price. Both devices promise to be, if anything, even more popular in 2017 among DTS clients from South Florida and beyond: Assisted Liposuction devices. 
Yes, both devices are in a clear growth mode now, so make plans now to come by DTS and see what early-adopters are purchasing and gaining tangible benefits from. 

I. Sound Surgical Vaser 2.0 High Definition Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction 

SOUND SURGICAL 2013 Vaser 2.0 Liposuction Unit Deal 

* 3rd Generation Ultrasound Liposuction
* Keeps tissue matrix intact causing skin tightening without thermal damage 
* Less patient damage, less bleeding, less bruising and less recovery time
* Even countor for better results
* 92% of viable fat for Fat Grafting
* Comes with VASERsmooth hand-piece to cut fibrous septae bands for cellulite treatment

II. PowerX Power - Assisted Liposuction

PowerX Liposuction 

* Powered hand-piece speeds up traditional liposuction cases and reduces physician fatigue
* Minimal hand-piece vibration compared to other power assisted devices on the market
* Offers 720-degree setting got a more-even contouring effect
* New Replacement hand-piece $4500 compared to Microaire new replacement hand-piece $10,000
*Uses non-proprietary/Universal tubings (average $4), compared to Microaire tubing which costs $15

Doctor's Toy Store attracts doctors and medical practice groups from all over the U.S. and all four points of the compass because DTS owner and CEO Rob Raymond and his friendly and experienced staff combine their deep knowledge and history of the equipment they have at their huge showroom off I-95, with DISCOUNT prices.
Specializing in new, pre-owned and repair of medical equipment, Doctor's Toy Store has achieved its level of success precisely because it consistently puts its medical professional clients first, whether you are a longtime client with demanding patients, or just starting your practice.

Regardless of what type of medical equipment you are looking for or whether you have a personal preference for one brand over another, your unique needs can and will be successfully met at DTS.

As always this includes Power procedure tables... 

DTS Procedure Power Chairs - programmable https://youtu.be/-yCd0yCY3J0

and Auto claves. 

And just a reminder, DTS does take in your trade-ins!

So, whether you are arriving at Doctor's Toy Store via Pembroke Road to the north 

or from Hallandale Beach Blvd.to the south 

you'll know you're getting closer to Florida's largest medical showroom -and its equally HUGE savings- when you see the HUGE American flag. :-)

The Dr's Toy Store tour! 
Uploaded November 14, 2016.

Doctor's Toy Store
2512 S.W. 30th Avenue, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
(954) 457-0075  1 (877) DRS-TOYS

With this fax number, (954) 454-3916, DTS customers can fax in anything from pictures to orders

Twitter: @drstoystore https://twitter.com/drstoystore
Doctor's ToyStore YouTube Channel: 

Doctor's Toy Store ships worldwide and is happy to work with customers from anywhere in the world. 



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