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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why so few blog posts this month at Hallandale Beach Blog? Or, the curious case of the passive-aggressive DVD. :-(

Why so few blog posts this month at Hallandale Beach Blog? Or, the curious case of the passive-aggressive DVD. :-( 

Just wanted to take a moment to thank those of you blog readers and Twitter Followers who have taken the time to write me or send me DMs via Twitter, @hbbtruth, asking about the curious and noticeable paucity of posts on the blog this past month.
Distressing in that more than usual, this March was FULL of news in Florida, the U.S. and in Europe that I had something worthwhile to contribute and couldn't.
It's good to know that some people DO notice those things that seem slightly askew to them from a distance, whether that's someone reading the blog from somewhere else in the Sunshine State of Florida, or my coterie of curious and well-informed readers in Europe, especially in Sweden and the U.K.
In the case of the latter, as you more regular readers in the U.S. know by now, because of their jobs in the media and/or access to well-known and connected people, they've often served as not only my Eyes and Ears for giving you some much-needed context and history for stories that the U.S. media was doing their usual half-ass job of reporting and following up on, but served as my unofficial Special Investigative Unit, too!

Over the past few weeks, nearly two dozen blog posts that I'd already started and mostly finished, were saved not to the blog's Draft as per usual, but rather because I had an unusually high number of photos to add to the posts and didn't want to waste time moving them from one place to the other, I saved the posts with photos to a DVD.
Then, for some reason that has thus far eluded me -certainly NOT karma- the DVD didn't want to work again and part with the info I had so carefully carefully cobbled together on it.

So, those fact/anecdote-filled stories I had hoped to share with you about a lot of different subjects -South Florida politics; IU and the NCAA tournrey; political consequences of the Florida Presidential primary and why my predictions of last year came true, unlike Florida's Mainstream Media; huge proposed real estate projects in Hallandale Beach and what happened and why; the latest immigration and society stories in Europe and Sweden that you certainly were NOT hearing about on U.S. nightly newscasts; and some new music I wanted to bring to your attention...- well, there they stayed on that DVD. 
Causing me nothing but heartburn!

You see, my experience over the years with my blog, laptops and DVDs, that is, when I didn't keep my cool, has taught me now that when you have a serious problem, the last thing you want to do is make the situation untenable and dig myself further into a hole.
I simply wasn't going to allow my anger about what happened to get the better of me and cause me to break or otherwise make useless the DVD I'd already poured so MANY hours and hours into.
The good news is that after going thru a number of "experts," for a change in Florida, patience and competence has finally won out, and that DVD of mine has been salvaged.
By the end of the week you will be able to read for yourself the MANY blog posts that I had hoped to have you peruse and carefully consider the past few weeks when they were certainly the definition of the word timely.
Now, I just have to tweak them here and there a bit and add some more useful context -my usual Secret Ingredient that keeps so many of you regularly coming back here.

Tack sa mycket!
And thanks for hanging in there with me!


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