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Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Who is mystery blonde girl found in Greece gypsy camp?" Roma/Gypsies need a Hollywood PR Counselor, stat! Channel 4 News video is devastating reproach to many well-intentioned but naive people who just thought Roma were victims who had bad PR.; #childtrafficking

Channel Four News video: 19 OCTOBER 2013 -Greek plea over mystery girl found in Roma gypsy camp

"Who is mystery blonde girl found in Greece gypsy camp?" Roma/Gypsies need a Hollywood PR Counselor, stat! Channel 4 News video is devastating reproach to many well-intentioned but naive people who just thought Roma were victims who had bad PR. No, in Sweden as in England, genuine facts and reality re Roma must trump holier-than-thou platitudes and good intentions/guilt; #MadeleineMcCann, #childtrafficking

I received this disturbing news on Saturday via my daily Snowmail from Channel Four News at 12:06 p.m.

With this news on Saturday, it appears to me that the year of all the naive pro-Roma stories written in Europe are about to come to a thud, esp. in the U.K. and in Sweden.

As I've previously mentioned to some of you via an email or two, this past summer, a week after Nationalsdagen, a sort of Swedish July 4th but without the military angle but with picnics, a nationally-televised TV show fusing Swedish traditions, music and the Royal family,

a college in the Stockholm area, for security reasons, ordered all of its students out of their dorms near a campus parking lot after Roma took it over with their vehicles and set about transforming it into a  place to live, and soon engaging in some unruly criminal behavior, to boot, which got the attention of everyone in the area.

TheLocal (Sweden)
Students forced out over traveller safety fears 
14 Jun 2013 18:26 CET
By Oliver Gee

The reason that the college felt obliged to require the students to get out toute-de-suite was that the Police did NOT want to intervene right away and remove the new arrivals because, as we'd later learn months later, there were some complication.
Complications and secret efforts that very few people in Sweden knew, which is to say that about 99.99% of the country did not know anything until later this summer:

a.) Sweden has what is, alternately, a charming/quaint/preposterous law that is treasured by many and lamented by some that allows people to use/camp/hike on unoccupied private land if it's not specifically prohibited, but with that comes certain responsibilities.

In this instance, and not for the first time you suspect, the Gypsies involved intentionally conflated and stretched the limits of what is permissible under Allemansrätten and the Police knew that if they tried anything, they'd cite their rights under Swedish law.

Clearly, a university parking lot is not one of those places envisioned by the law, which was/is geared towards allowing the public free access to nature, near private property on lakes, forests, etc.

(NOT asphalt and concrete and proximity to a 7/11, which are on every third or fourth corner in Stockholm for reasons I'll get into in a future blog post.)

Owing to the fact that it was summer break for most college students, so the parking lot  was obviously more empty than usual- and,

b.) Police were very concerned that in light of the riots in immigrant-intensive Husby this spring in the town NW of Stockholm, professional Leftist community activists-types and 
the area's legitimate political players would immediately criticize the Police for trying to remove them, as we'd expect to see happen here  in a similar case of trespassing.

So in essence, the Police wanted a green light first from these political players that they could proceed rather than simply walk into what they perhaps rightly perceived a no-win trap, and
subsequently find everyone criticizing them for just doing their job.

That's the part of Sweden and Swedish life that you never read about in the U.S. news media, and which consistently drives many people there -like my friends, par exemple- quite crazy, since some things in a society DON'T need a consensus, they simply need people prepared to do their job correctly and as professionally as possible, however difficult sometimes.

My friends and their neighbors want the same thing that people here in Broward County want in their interactions with and expectations of local and regional government, and especially the Police Department. 
The same thing the individual police officer wants.
But politics and good intentions often gets in the way of that, just as it does in England as well.

The Telegraph YouTube Channel video: Truth about the Romanian beggars of Park Lane. Uploaded July 28, 2013. http://youtu.be/SNhhJh81GxE

By the way, here's one of the possible reasons why the Police in Skåne had a registry of Roma children in the first place: http://www.thelocal.se/50464/20130926/

So that when, oh, hypothetically, blonde-haired, green-eyed girls were found that are clearly not related to anyone they are traveling with, Police know to immediately put out an alert.

Or to quote the piece, "Channel 4 News has been told the story reflects
a common trend in Eastern Europe." 
Right, because sometimes, a list is composed NOT to keep track of who belongs in a group, but rather for who doesn't, no?


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