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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When Rush Limbaugh admits he's disappointed in Marco Rubio's flip-flop on immigration, it's only going to get worse for Rubio. Only positive of S.744, the Schumer-Rubio “comprehensive” immigration amnesty bill, i.e the #setup4sellout, IF it passes, is that Rubio gets properly 'schooled' and roughed-up a bit to wear off his new car smell and conservatives see his true faults for what they are -he's still too gullible. Consider that Mission (already) Accomplished; Mickey Kaus is masterfully connecting-the-dots on why defeating this is more important to U.S. long-term than getting more info re Benghazi, IRS, NSA snooping scandals

The Daily Caller video: Rush Limbaugh "disappointed" in Sen. Marco Rubio for changing his "set-in-stone" position on immigration and border security and now telling Spanish-language media (Univision) something different from what he'd been saying before.

Senator Rubio now says he favors amnesty first and border security second, which in my opinion is not a good policy for this country's future because we know from past experience that the federal government will NOT fairly enforce new rules any more than they are enforcing the current ones. 
Especially under President Obama

On Tuesday, a big day for S.744, in the so-called gateway to Latin America, it was 16 minutes into the CBS4/Miami 11 p.m. newscast before immigration was even brought up -and that was less than 45 secs!

Not that it came as any surprise to your faithful observer of the passing political scene here at the blog, but on Tuesday, a big day on Capitol Hill for S.744, the Schumer-Rubio “comprehensive” immigration amnesty bill, here in what is constantly called The Gateway to Latin America, it was 16 minutes into the CBS4/Miami 11 p.m. newscast (while Miami Heat's blowout loss to the Spurs was still going on over at ABC) before immigration was even brought up -and was less than 45 secs!

Is that a result of the fact that the corporate management types at South Florida news media outlets, to say nothing of their sycophantic advertising people, are SO biased in favor of AMNESTY at all costs, that it never even occurs to them that it might not get the 60 votes?

Is that a result of them being in complete lockstep over this issue and NEVER allowing their own people or others to write, report or comment intelligently on why so many Americans are genuinely opposed to the bad and unsound provisions of this bill?

Never allow any public discussion about why so many smug Democrats nationally and in Florida just shrug their shoulders over security and border control on our own borders, but when it comes to Israel's, well, that's another story.

THAT requires them to actually fly to Israel to -yes- "stand with Israel" after their taxpayer-financed spokesperson fires off some self-serving press releases to the lapdog legacy media

so that Jewish voters hereabouts know they've jumped thru the hoop again.

How many times over the years have we read about national, state and South Florida pols who are happy "to stand with Israel" but who don't give a crap about their fellow American on the Arizona border who lives on a farm or a ranch miles and miles from any police protection.

Yes, when strong borders have to do with Israel, a firm stance predicated on safety and security is always to be admired and never undermined.

Do they think we do not see the hypocrisy of this, the condescending and patronizing tone and the self-evident showboating?

Is that what we should expect from people in the media who never want to publicly discuss this hypocrisy and  border protection at all, or even gets into the particulars of what is being discussed?
Yes, yes and yes.

Laura Ingraham: Marco Rubio has betrayed conservatives

Washington Post
The Plum Line 
Marco Rubio’s careful immigration dance
By Greg Sargent, Updated: June 10, 2013

Washington Examiner
Marco Rubio: In immigration reform, legalization comes first — ‘It is not conditional’, 
By Byron York
June 10, 2013 | 12:36 pm | Modified: June 10, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Much of this genuine concern about the reliability of Marco Rubio and his willingness to actually adopt or formulate a position and keep it, recalls my blog post of April 27, 2013, which also featured a video of Rush Limbaugh talking about immigration.
Except that it was a conversation with Rubio on the air, with him in Washington, trying to defend his ever-changing position, and yet, seemingly, only making things worse for himself as far as reassuring his own past supporters, which has been a quite noticeable development over the past nine months.

Some people I talk to regularly in South Florida and in Washington who like Rubio but who are far from fanboys, wonder if that is because, quite frankly, the GOP has forced Rubio to be the face of the party nationally on far too many issues, while other Republican senators seem top be doing nothing at all. (Or less than nothing-at all, given how rarely you hear their names.)
In short, Rubio's over-exposure is now starting to rub people the wrong way.

That post was titled, BUSTED! Breitbart's Matthew Boyle reports that Sen. Marco Rubio was "outed" by a constituent over Rubio's lack of personal effort to meet with LEOs BEFORE the Gang of Eight released their very-flawed immigration bill; Daily Caller's Byron York on the deluge of angry anti-immigration bill email into Sen. Rubio's office; The shiny, new toy that is Rubio is now not-so shiny; audio of Rubio's interviews with Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin

Meanwhile, blogger Mickey Kaus, long one of my favorite pundits going back to my days in Washington D.C. because of his great enthusiasm, mordant wit and willingness to actually READ everything on a subject instead of commenting on things he's never read -like South Florida's reps in Congress, who are a pretty dim crew collectively- has been doing everything he can to let people know that the defeat of this intellectually LITE immigration bill, NOT learning more details on Benghazi or the IRS or NSA scandals, is actually THE most important and far-reaching issue on the public docket now.
He's right, of course.  
Put trigger before legalization.

Below, Mickey makes the case against it.

The Daily Caller
Kaus Files blog
Handy U-Print-It Pocket Guide: Why S.744′s a Fraud
By Mickey Kaus
5:34 PM 06/06/2013


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