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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Justine Ezarik -a.k.a. iJustine- our modern-day Digital Renaissance Woman, back from CES, is in Miami for NATPE and checking out the South Florida scene

iJustine video: Justine at NATPE. January 28, 2012.

Justine Ezarik, a.k.a. iJustine, modern-day Digital Renaissance Woman and well-known  YouTube Partner, back from CES, is in Miami for NATPE and checking-out the South Florida scene.

iJustine video: we in miami, trick. January 29, 2012.

I originally meant to post the two videos -below- of lovely multi-tasker Justine about three months ago, back when she was visiting Norway and taking some awesome photos and videos of that beautiful country that's been the sad subject of so many posts of mine here since the massacre in Utøyaand home to so many friendly people and beautiful women, like blogger, dancer and runner-extraordinaire Rachel Nordtømme

Plus, Justine finally explained, to those who didn't know, what the reality of the Swedish Fish situation was.

Curiously enough, that video of Justine and her Norwegian friends doing the glacier trek was one of the things that I had waiting for me in my YouTube inbox one night three months ago, when I'd  come home from spending a few hours with my Dad when he wasn't doing very well after he'd taken a fall, and I'd had to rush him to the Mt. Sinai ER in Aventura with a gash above his right eye.

When I finally got home and flipped on my computer and the TV, with Jimmy Kimmel about mid-way thru his monologue, I was both physically exhausted and emotionally distraught, and driving home I'd once again been mentally debating my idea of whether or not to go to Sweden and Iceland soon to get away from here for a while and clear my head.
Something I've mentioned a time or two here before.

But as she has so many times before, especially the rough last year-and-a-half, with all of its ups-and-downs with my Dad's health, Justine made me laugh and smile when I really needed it... so there's that.
She's Pittsburgh thru-and-thru!

iJustine video: EPIC GLACIER HIKE! October 27, 2011.

iJustine video: Moose meat and glacier wounds. October 27, 2011.

Months after I'd originally planned on doing so, I'm going to be over on South Beach Monday afternoon to take some photos and shoot some video of the space on Lincoln Road that was supposed to be the new H&M store many months ago, but which is, well, STILL not open.

I'm going to try to get some straight answers from some responsible people as to when that soon-to-be cash cow store is going to be a reality, but if by chance I run into Justine, with her camera in tow, well, that sleuthing of mine may well have to wait until another time.

Even though I'm NOT a fan of reality shows anymore, having given up two years ago on the only one I consistently watched, CBS's The Amazing Race, Justine is definitely someone whose personal adventures, mis-adventures and hijinks I would watch on the small tube. 
Yes, smarts, savvy and personality still counts for a lot with me, and Justine has enough personality for any two women.
Take that as a hint, NATPE programming types looking for new ideas.



The trip to Norway: http://ijustine.com/?s=Norway&x=14&y=11 

Justine's photoshoot for Maxim magazine: http://youtu.be/YLKU4tkWH2s 

Photos at: http://www.maxim.com/amg/girls/girls-of-maxim/91021/ijustine.html 

Justine Ezarik's media portfolio, besides ijustine.com, consists of the following portals:

Yes, there's a Justine for every demographic!

A head's-up for those of you with YouTube Channels, esp. those of you who DON'T receive anywhere near the volume of visits that Justine gets.
Which is to say, all of you. And me.

After originally planning on posting it over Christmas week but not being able to do so for reasons that some of you know about, in the next day or so I'll be posting the fascinating and instructive video of ABC News' 20/20 program from September called "YouTube Generation" that I've already spoken to some of you about via email. 
I'll also post some of my observations about it.

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