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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nokia N8; When you combine French sexiness and un certain joie de vivre with Finnish design, you get... Nokia's House Party to end all House Parties!

Nokia N8 HD-- My Superfun House Party


More than anything else, this video reminded me of:
1.) certain elaborate Capitol Hill and Georgetown parties I attended in D.C.,
minus the bikini-clad wrestlers.

2.) most of the the "Swimmer" parties at IU, in Bloomington, especially those thrown at the Lantern House Apts., circa 1981-83, by my great friend Dave Whitmore from Overland Park, KS, who lived across me at Briscoe Quad my freshman year.
Dave and I quickly became fast friends because of similar interests and geography, he just happened to be faster than me in the water -even while doing the backstroke, his specialty- which is just part of why legendary IU and Olympic swim coach "Doc" Counsilman chose Dave to be captain of the IU swim team, and why I became such a familiar presence at Royer Pool inside the HPER and at their social shindigs.
I even missed the 1980 U.S.-Russia Olympic hockey game the Friday night it was first broadcast because I was at Royer for a meet against Michigan.

"In the Heart of a Great Country, Beats the Soul of Hoosier Nation."
South Beach Hoosier, i.e. me, in 2007.

Those "Swimmer" parties were insanely fun and animated, and featured some of the most beautiful women on campus on a large Big Ten campus of uncommonly beautiful and smart girls-next-door to begin with, something my friends and I were eternally grateful for.

When there were big sorority social shindigs going on that we weren't part of
, we got even MORE of the beautiful coed "Independents," like my sweet and talented friend Laura Seitz from Pittsburgh, also an IU swimmer herself for a while, always so breath-taking and dapper in her sweet cherry red Adidas IU swim jacket, something I can still see today with eyes closed.

Laura was someone I knew from her very first week on campus, as she was also at Briscoe Quad my sophomore year, and for me, sort of became the model for the sort of well-rounded college students that IU has so many of: diligent with her studies, always asking good probing questions, great sense of humor and always game for some tennis on a lazy afternoon or taking in a movie or an IU soccer game.

I was indeed fortunate to have so many high-quality and high-caliber friends at IU the likes of Dave and Laura.

3.) certain IU frat parties, esp. Alpha Tau Omega on Third Street the weeknd before classes started, which
featured a live band, or the parties at Sigma Chi that I usually found out about after they'd started by my friend there who could recite the dialogue from Fast Times at Ridgemont High by heart the same way another friend down here at NMB had been able to recite dialogue verbatim from Gone With The Wind.
And accurately, in those pre-video and pre-YouTube days, too, which is all the more remarkable.

If only we had had cell phone technology, camera phones and blogs back then, the fascinating stories I could tell you about my friends and IU with photos...

Like with a Nokia N8, now that I think about it.

C'est la vie

Which reminds me, before it's too late...

Dear Santa, Secret and Otherwise:

The Nokia N8 comes equipped with a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash, HD-quality video recording, film editing software and Dolby surround sound.

Compared to what I currently have to work with now, it would really help a humble blogger like myself ferret-out more hidden facts and capture below-the-surface skullduggery and crony capitalism in action in chaotic South Florida -and look good while doing so!
I only mention it, Santa, since you asked me to be more direct this year and to not beat-around-the-bush.

If you have any questions, please see: http://events.nokia.com/nokian8/home.html

Nokia France YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NokiaFrance

The official Nokia blog: http://conversations.nokia.com/

documentary about James "Doc" Counsilman




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In the Heart of a Great Country, Beats the Soul of Hoosier Nation
"In the Heart of a Great Country, Beats the Soul of Hoosier Nation." -South Beach Hoosier, 2007.